The reason I mention the City of Hope is that this was a pretty nasty situation last year and studies say one thing but why don’t we find out why it doesn’t always come together that easily.  Last year the physicians group and the hospital were suing each other, the CMA got involved and said it was all about control.  We all know that doctors and hospitals need to work together but why don’t we go further and find out what precludes some of this.  I’m not a doctor and don’t work for a hospital and I can come up with this same revelation. 

This is just my personal opinion and when you see one situation that went so wrong to go all the way to legal suits being filed, I think it would make a good case study to see where one publicized situation went sour as there are 2 sides to every story and this one was solved in court in October of 2010 with the existing physician's group being disbanded and new one formed for the MDs to join in order to stay on board. 

Judge Rules In Favor of City of Hope In Court Case Allowing the Creation of New Physicians Group - Oncology Specialists of COH

There are also situations where the insurers sometimes create havoc with peer and board meetings to where nobody knows what’s going on too, so all of this is real life and situations as such when remedied might make the process a bit less stressful as like everything else it comes down to money.  BD 

Hospitalists, Peer Committees and Utilization Struggle to Comprehend United HealthCare Algorithms

NEW YORK – As hospitals and doctors align their interests to take advantage of financial incentives offered under healthcare reform, the two groups, traditionally competitors, must learn to be collaborators.

That's the opinion of PricewaterhouseCoopers, a global professional services company headquartered in London. The second part of the “From Courtship to Marriage” series, released by PwC’s Health Research Institute, examines how hospitals and doctors view alignment and what they can do to become successful collaborators.

The report, based on interviews with hospital executives and a survey of 1,000 doctors, found that the two groups are still wary of each other.

Eighty-three percent of doctors in the survey said they want to maintain or increase their income in return for hospital employment. A majority also want to be more involved in the governance of hospitals

PwC says doctors, hospitals must work together | Healthcare Finance News


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