imageBanana Boat sunscreen proved to be a little dangerous.  The warning is not quite sufficient states the victim.  This is truly a freak accident but it did happen when his barbeque set him on fire.  Who would have ever thought that sunscreen could do this, but obviously from reading the article there’s a time of around 2 minutes to where it could catch fire. 
The company has since said they are launching an investigation to learn more of how this happened.  The flame just ran up his arm and burned where ever he had the sun block.  He had second degree burns.  BD  

STOW (CBS) – A Stow man says he was nearly killed after applying sunscreen.  Standing in front of his barbecue grill, Brett Sigworth says it was only a second before his body was engulfed in flames.

“I went into complete panic mode and screamed,” he says. “I’ve never experienced pain like that in my life.”

He says, “I sprayed on the spray-on sunscreen, and then rubbed it on for a few seconds. I walked over to my grill, took one of the holders to move some of the charcoal briquettes around and all of a sudden it went up my arm.”

Brett says his body was on fire, “it went wherever the block went.”


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