If you didn’t catch this interview from Kara Swisher from All imageThings Digital, it is well worth watching. I think Mr. Ellison is the oldest CEO in the Silicon Valley. He’s also the founder (who knows and wrote code) of Oracle. He was in the right place at the right time when he created the Oracle data base and the company has grown with acquisitions. On June second he says he will do his first actual first hand tweet. He says the Sun acquisition has already paid for itself. He starts out with talking about the America’s Cup and due to the litigation still in process he can’t say a lot about the Google court situation.

He speaks highly of HP and then we have the SAP discussion…funny…a must listen here.  Last year he was given an award for his contributions to Health IT.   

Larry Ellison Announced As Distinguished Medical Informatics Awardee for His Contributions to Health IT and the Ellison Foundation From the Friends of the National Library of Medicine (NIH)

Perhaps one of my favorites besides this recent interview below is the one where he talked about “the box”.  You can find that video here.  He’s also a fan of Red Bull:)

“In the history of Silicon Valley, there are few characters more colorful than Larry Ellison. The CEO and founder of the enterprise software giant Oracle rarely needs an introduction, and in certain circles he is often referred to by his first name alone - with no doubt as to whom you're referring. Today, he was onstage for an interview with Kara Swisher at D: All Things Digital. May 30, 2012.”

Here’s how Larry Ellison reflects on Steve Jobs and his perspective on how he operated and functioned.  He states the leaders of tech companies today and how they don’t trust their boards any more.  Why should they trust the boards and he uses Facebook and Google as prime examples. 

Mr. Ellison is also one of the first members of the Gates Foundation Giving Pledge.  He is brilliant and a while back Forbes did a nice history video on Larry and one of his co-workers/founders said “Larry will be running Oracle from the grave:)  BD 

The Giving Pledge Call for Philanthropy Continues to Grow–40 Billionaires Committed



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