Is this a new low?  Well in reality it's more or less an effort to see how many people actually read or just rely on television for their imagehealthcare information via ads.  A more prudent patient today with having Internet access might be made aware of the drug, but would go to the lengths of at least a 5 to 10 minute reading session on the web, so I wonder if the advertisements will also lead to a 'fake" Internet site to make consumers aware of the fact that this is a fake?  Also, what is it going to cost the FDA for the advertising spots?  Sounds like a strange way to spend money for information.  BD

Why? So the agency can determine whether the images in the ads actually distract consumers from paying attention to required safety warnings. After the ads run, the FDA plans to survey 2,400 consumers who 40 years and older to gauge their responses. The FDA intends to create several ads for the fictitious high blood pressure drug using different images and text on the screen while a narrator reads risk info. Some visuals will focus on benefits to determine if that diverts attention from safety warnings, Bloomberg News writes, adding participants will be asked questions about the ads and their attitudes toward what will appear to be a new med.

FDA To Advertise Fake Blood Pressure Pill // Pharmalot


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