As drugs continue to come off patents, so goes the the big revenue pots of the past.  I don’t know exactly where all the economists are getting the “good” word today when companies continue to use technology to replace and do work that humans have done.  image

I used this article in a prior post but feel it’s appropriate here.  As technology and the economy and available funds going to Main Street continue to dwindle, nothing is getting a whole lot better. 

This is truly a disparity compared to how we have always valued life and fellow humans here in the US, but as well as the economy, life is unfortunately getting very impersonal too.  We talked about this years ago with computers doing what we have done, but the day where massive changes are taking place seems to be upon us.  Doctors will get more information from the computer these days rather than a face to face meeting it appears.  BD 

In response to generic threats on two older meds - the Ambien CR sleeping pill and Aplenzin antidepressant - and declining sales of the Actonel osteoporosis med - the big drugmaker notified employees that 400 positions, mostly sales reps, are being eliminated. The move is the latest cutback by Sanofi-Aventis, which is grappling with the same patent cliff as rivals.

To cope, Sanofi is outsourcing sales for Aplenzin, which is a not a substantial revenue generator, and restructuring its promotional arrangement with Warner-Chilcott (see this) for Actonel, which notched $264 million in sales and is a declining product (see page 85 here). The bad news - and a source says there will be more - was delivered by way of email from Jerry Durso, Jerry Durso, vp of the specialized therapeutics business unit.

Sanofi-Aventis Lays Off 400 Employees // Pharmalot


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