This is a big hospital with 400 beds and during 911 took care of many patients too.  The hospital has been here for over 160 years.  Some services will remain and most of the land may need to be sold to pay off debt.  This is kind of sad, and last August here in Los Angeles we also watch a hospital that sat right in the middle of Century City where man of the big Fortune 500 corporation headquarters are located close their doors too, same issues, money.  imageCentury City though was abosolute state of the art, complete with a DaVinci robot for surgery. 

Desperate Hospitals - Century City Doctors Hospital (Los Angeles) begins shutting down, others file Chapter 11 to reorganize

Big business does not appear to have a big charitable heart when it comes to hospitals that save lives any more.  BD

St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Center, the last Catholic general hospital in New York City, has voted to close its inpatient and acute care centers, effectively closing the hospital after more than 160 years.

The vote, confirmed by a hospital spokesman, came as St. Vincent's has struggled for six months with a budget deficit and has perched on the brink of bankruptcy, just a few years after emerging from an earlier bankruptcy filing. The hospital has tried for months to find a partner or new owner. A potential deal with Mt. Sinai Medical Center fell through last week.

The State of New York pumped $9 million in emergency loans so the hospital could keep running and meet its payroll, Gov. David Paterson's office said.

St. Vincent's Hospital in New York to Close -


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