This is a step in a new direction for the NHS and we have similar issues here in the US.  In this pilot program doctors and nurses will be given the opportunity to control the delivery of patient care, should be a real plus for patients.  Over the years we have had analysis systems trying to determine how to deliver patient care with less expense.image

The doctors and nurses will be trained to help give them the additional knowledge outside of treating patients to combine reporting information with caring for patients.  We complain about this same issue here in the US with physicians not getting enough business knowledge on how to run a business. I think this somehow goes to show how the “hybrids” in healthcare are going to be the valuable individuals rather than those with expertise and focus in one area only.   Doctors and nurses will cross over into the area of being “creative technologists” with better methodologies of delivering care.

What is a Creative Technologist – Hybrid Executives - We Have a Big Shortage in Healthcare

Bill Gates addressed this very subject at his speech at Berkeley earlier this year. 

Bill Gates speaks at UC Berkeley Global Health, Education and Thoughts on Philanthropy

We have all seen what strategies do that are only for the sake of technology and money and hopefully by introducing patient care and safety along with providing doctors and nurses the additional knowledge the combination will work.  I’m sure many will be very interested in this outcome and there will be a number of eyes watching the process here as it evolves, and I think the clinicians will welcome and be up to the challenge with the return of decision making power with good patient care.  BD 

Dozens of non-medical bosses are expected to lose their jobs in the far-reaching changes at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester which could save £17m.  The shake-up will be closely watched by health chiefs across Britain.

The radical plan will see 26 departments replaced with nine new ones – each run by a senior medical consultant instead of a professional manager.

The doctors will spend 20 per cent of their time running their departments and 80 per cent on medical duties. Each will be supported by a nurse and a manager.

The move is likely to be a major test of the new government's health policy to replace managers with clinicians.

Julian Hartley, Hospital chief executive, said the changes would lead to better decision-making by giving medical professionals direct control.

He said: "We are creating the environment whereby clinical leaders can deliver improvements in patient care, quality and performance whilst being accountable."   The University Hospital of South Manchester Trust, which runs Wythenshawe, has already agreed a contract with Manchester Business School to provide management training for medics

Salford hospital bosses expect to cut 750 jobs a year as part of a bid to save £16m each of the next three years.

Patient watchdogs have praised health chiefs for being open about their efficiency plans but are concerned that trusts may not be able to make the required savings without affecting patient care.

Trailblazing hospital to put medics in charge - Telegraph


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