Now with the ability of scientists to modify bacteria and other organisms with gene sequencing to advance personalized medicine and cures, George Church and others have recommended governmental control in the area of ethics in particular.  If in the hands of the wrong people, such as terrorists the technology could in fact product virus or and drug resistant bacteria. image

They addressed the fact that DNA synthesizers can even be purchased on EBay.  The FBI is right in here with interest as well.  Recently in the news salmon and the FDA looking at whether or not to allow fish to our food chain that have been altered, and is this safe.  This is an example of how some of the properties of genetic changes can have an affect and granted the fish are probably minimal in areas of concern, but it’s fish today and who knows what tomorrow.

FDA Close to Giving OK to Genetically Engineered Sterile Salmon – For Human Consumption

What is needed said the team is regulation to prevent accidental release of designed organisms in to the environment where they could re-produce and run the eco system.  You can read more about George Church at the link below as genomic research and sequencing was his project. 

George Church Harvard Scientist Discusses the World of the Personal Genome Project – The Basis for Personalized Medicine from Someone Who Lives with Dyslexia

We have already seen mathematical formulas used on Wall Street for profits when it comes to the paying side of healthcare and ethics in this area continue to be questioned and for very good reason. 

Technology Has Been Abused for Profit –Algorithmic Formulas Used to Further the Stance of Greed on Wall Street and in Healthcare Organizations Traded on the Exchanges

We have rogue algorithmic code running all over the place with little or no supervision and/or laws to regulate, so this commission is a good idea to be alert and aware before synthetic genes, and of course there will be those who will want to profit here, gets out of control, so this is an area with Wall Street to not be overlooked as well with investors who could drive some of the synthetic gene technology over to areas where it should not go.  BD  image

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb News) – A White House-appointed group charged with reviewing bioethics spent the day yesterday hearing about synthetic biology, its potential value and its risks, from a range of experts as part of an effort to produce a report requested by President Barack Obama.

In its premiere meeting, The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues heard from representatives from industry, academics, and proponents and critics of synthetic biology. Speakers at the meeting included Synthetic Genomics' Founder J. Craig Venter and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's George Church, who also serves as an advisor to a number of genomics and synthetic biology companies.

Just days after the J. Craig Venter Institute reported in May that it had created the world's first synthetic genome and inserted it into a microbe that then booted up and replicated, President Obama tasked the commission, which is chaired by University of Pennsylvania President Amy Gutmann, with looking into the field and developing the report.

Church told the group that he is highly optimistic about controlling synthetic biology and making sure it is used in positive ways, but, he added, "we need to have surveillance and enforcement."

White House Commission Dives into Synthetic Biology | GenomeWeb Daily News | GenomeWeb


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