The insurance offered is a “private” plan to give access to a number of hospitals, doctors and other healthcare facilities that are “in network” across the globe.  One imagearea covered is China and there’s and entire page on the site that gives more information on coverage there.  Also you can review a couple other major countries they have listed in Europe such as the UK and Switzerland.  Interesting that China is selected as a major market, so are we anticipating a lot of US Citizens taking up a new residence over there?  That was just something that came to mind while reading.  Back in August of 2010 the former Cigna CEO joined the board of a major medical tourism company in San Diego.

Former Cigna CEO and Founder Joins Board of Directors With Medical Tourism Company–Accounting and Algorithmic Business Model Expertise Hired

Also worth a note was when I attended the Medical World Tourism Conference, Cigna was pretty well represented there with exploring what care and companies were being presented.  BD

World Medical Tourism Conference 2009 – A Learning Awareness

CLAYMONT, Del., March 31, 2011 — /PRNewswire/ -- CIGNA (NYSE: CI), the global leader in serving expatriates and other globally mobile imageindividuals, has launched an international health care plan for qualified individuals who seek access to high-quality health care facilities across international boundaries.

The individual consumer market is a new area of focus for CIGNA's expatriate benefits operation. With CIGNA Global Health Options, individuals have access to high-quality medical care worldwide backed by CIGNA's expertise and capabilities in serving the group employer market.


"CIGNA Global Health Options is an innovative international health care plan that suits individuals' unique needs, and it also marks an important milestone in CIGNA's growth strategy. As the leader in the globally mobile market, the launch of this innovative, modular product extends our reach to support the needs of new customer segments around the world," said Andrew Kielty, President, CIGNA International Expatriate Benefits. "Our knowledge and strength in the group market, coupled with our expertise in direct marketing, presented a natural opportunity to offer the same access to quality health care to individuals that we currently provide to organizations."

The plan, which is available at, is designed for customers who want the flexibility of having easy access to quality health care around the world.

The "core" International Medical Insurance covers hospitalization, surgery, emergency care, cancer treatment, and maternity. All customers then have the flexibility to customize their overall solution by choosing from a range of four additional options:

  • International Medical Insurance Plus (outpatient): doctor visits, prescription drugs, and other outpatient treatments  
  • International Health and Well-being: routine exams, preventive screenings, and life management services
  • International Vision and Dental: routine exams
  • International Emergency Evacuation: transfer to the nearest world-class medical facility if required treatment is not available in the local country

CIGNA Enters Global Individual Private Medical Insurance Market - PR News Wire | Centre Daily Times - State College, PA | Penn State, Nittany Lions, weather, news, jobs, homes, apartments, real estate


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