Well this could bring in more money with gambling and in the video the state House Speaker seems pretty excited about it.  In the meantime back on the real life side of things with healthcare and no new policies are getting written.  Boy do we get have a lot on our plates at times or what?  We have similar things like that out here in California.  What comes on the priority list first, gambling or healthcare? 

Can gambling help pay for healthcare is maybe the next question?  Well the folks who can afford healthcare need somewhere to go for entertainment too, and the Indians need income as well so we do get jobs out of gambling.  What is a bit different though is the fact that major insurers in Massachusetts are non profits, unlike here in California with the exception of Kaiser Permanente that is non profit, but they are really more of a hybrid with care and insurance so maybe not fair to compare in this instance.

You do have to give the state credit though for jumping out ahead of everyone else and trying and working on a solution.  Nobody really can predict too far down the road either as best we try, even with the sophisticated software we have today as there’s something new that pops up tomorrow that can potentially change the current path in a few hours and back to the drawing boards we go. 

The governor has vetoed the bill and will be busy this week with the insurance mess that is brewing. 

You know I keep saying this but with all the action going on, even with Aetna getting cut off by CMS on offering any new Part D policies for now, are we all going to end up with Single Payer by default? 

Medicare Part D And/Or Prescription Plans For New Enrollments Suspended Until Further Notice at Aetna

It was in March that Medicare also shut these folks down too at Fox Insurance mostly for non performance issues. 

Medicare Suspends Marketing and Enrollment for Fox Insurance Program Drug Plan

If Who knows, could very well happen if we keep seeing events of such continuing.  In the meantime we can all go gamble a bit I guess.  BD   


Massachusetts Insurance Companies have stopped issuing new policies today after the state insurance regulators denied their request for 2010 rate increases. The Non-Profit companies are stating that with the increase in the cost of care they will not have enough funds to cover their obligations. This policy freeze also includes employees for companies that would be coming out of the company's defined waiting period before they can receive benefits.

The State of Massachusetts has stated they will begin levying fines against the companies if they do not start issuing quotes to individuals immediately using last years rates.

Ultimately this will be decided by the courts and will not be over quickly. As the Massachusetts plan was touted as the model for the recently passed National Health Care Reform Bill everyone should pay careful attention to the problem in Massachusetts.

Rant - Massachusetts Health Insurance Companies Shut Down!


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