The entire procedure took 24 hours and the patient was one who had a rare genetic imagedisorder with heavy tumors on his lips.  Dr. Laurent Lantieri did another recent surgery on a man who’s face was damaged by gunshot. 

This was the first time when eye lids were included in the procedure.  Nerves will need to grow and attach; however the article said the patient already has tears.  BD

PARIS — A 35-year-old man with a genetic disorder has an entirely new face – including tear ducts that cry, and a chin that sprouts stubble – thanks to a rare full-face transplant performed by a French surgeon and hailed as a new advance in improving the lives of the disfigured.

Dr. Laurent Lantieri, one of the few doctors in the world who has performed face transplants in the past, said Thursday that the patient, named Jerome, "gave me two thumbs up" after the June 27 operation at the Henri-Mondor hospital in the Paris suburb of Creteil.

"We can see that he already has tears, so that's not a problem," Lantieri told AP Television News in his office in Creteil, where skulls adorn his desk. It will be another few months, however, before doctors can be sure the patient can blink correctly, he said.

Full Face Transplant With Eyelids: French Team Completes Historic Operation (VIDEO)


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