Dr. Bill Crounse has a discussion about how Healthcare.Gov was created and what is offered for consumers to make a choice of insurance carrier easier.  Todd Park is the CTO who put together the project to bring the site online, again in an effort to dig through a lot of the rhetoric and get the information mined as to what consumers need.  Back in August I posted a video at the link below done by Tech Crunch that also spoke with Todd Park and today we have some additional information on the site.image  Project Blue Button is also discussed. 

The Story Behind The Building of Healthcare. Gov - 90 Day Creation, Help From Twitter and the Silicon Valley Made It Possible

In the right hand side of this site, you can always find a link to visit HealthCare.Gov. 

Get Microsoft Silverlight

I walked through the initial opening of the site and added some of my own comments here and the best part is the fact that it didn’t look or act like your normal government website.

Healthcare.Gov Site Opens To Assist Consumers in Finding Health Insurance – Video and Preview

Todd does admit how confusing it is today with finding the right insurance option as there is so much out there.  He mentions to also please use the feedback buttons when you visit so they can be responsive and get the information on board that consumers want and can use.  He said President Obama liked the site and decided to do his own “hands on” review and it was the first review of a website done by a President.  At the end, the Blue Button is discussed and how HealthVault can handle the information patients can download.  BD 

VA Can Now Use the “Blue Button” to Download Their Data from Their PHR (Personal Health Record)

Microsoft Showcase: Obama's Health Website


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