This is a ways out and employees have plenty of time here to make changes and explore options.  The timing here is somewhat close to when major healthcare reform laws come into effect as this has been staged by the years to make transitions manageable. 
Perhaps now more employees will think about using HealthVault as I am sure many do and that’s the internal sell of course.  You would think all employees would be enrolled, but not since it is open to choice of participation, but for sure with upcoming changes with contributions it stands to be an incentive for those not on board yet. Hugo Ortega, a Microsoft MVP and Tablet PC fanatic was traveling through Redmond on his annual trip to Microsoft and while on campus there he stumbled upon the Health/Lifestyle room for employees and staff, (of course they would have one of these).    Sean Nolan (the Microsoft Healthcare Family Guy) also was very quick to let me know that all their machines are connected to HealthVault too. 

Take your Vital Signs at Microsoft – The Health/Lifestyle Room At Redmond

In the past there have also been some pilot programs in place with evaluating use and care within the healthcare benefit system inside Microsoft as well.  BD 
Microsoft held a "surprise town hall" meeting this morning to discuss the "evolution" of its U.S. employee benefits, requiring Blue Badges to contribute to their health-care plans starting in 2013.
After the meeting, which ended before 11 a.m., Microsoft sent the following statement:
We can confirm that Microsoft has begun to evolve its employee health care benefit. There will be no changes for the next two years, but in 2013, employees will contribute to their health care. A guiding principle in this evolution is that Microsoft will continue to offer market-leading health and wellness benefits that rank among the best in the country.
Microsoft employees must contribute to health care in 2013


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