Today the governor signs this into law and Steve Jobs as you may or may not be aware of was very active in getting this legislation started, being a transplant imagepatient himself a short while back.  The bill passed unanimously through both California legislature houses.  The Governor talks highly about how his conversations with Steve Jobs brought this to fruition. 

The program will make organ donations available to everyone and Governor Arnold states that when you sign up as a donor, one could be saving a potential 13 lives.  In the picture above you can see Steve Jobs to the right of the the governor.  This program now requires you to make a decision of whether we are “in” or “out”.  Steve Jobs take the stage and adds his words on how precious this give of life is.  image

How Steve Jobs Influenced the Live Organ Donor Registry and Driver’s License Donor Bill In Front of the California Legislature

Certainly Steve Jobs had the opportunity to travel and get on donor lists that most would not just due to who he is and what he does.  He had to travel to Memphis to receive his liver.  This story goes into detail here and how he decided to support the bill as more lives could be saved with some administrative procedures.  Steve Jobs also had to live in Memphis for a while as he recovered  

Below is the video of the live event today.  BD

Governor to Highlight Legislation to Create Nation’s First Kidney Donor Registry image

Governor Schwarzenegger will be joined by Senator Elaine Alquist and Senator Mark DeSaulnier for the ceremonial signing of legislation to create the nation’s first living donor registry for kidney transplants and increase organ donation opportunities for Californians.

Watching Gov. @Schwarzenegger highlight legislation to create nation's first kidney donor registry - live at


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