This is a brand new are of the medical school and will be developed  to be a world class center in the Los Angeles area.  The focus here is the patient, education and disease monitoring. 

Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan and children are as well as adults are welcome.  BD 

The UCLA Food & Drug Allergy Care Center is the culmination of a fundamental interest and desire by the UCLA allergy community, to help patients with food-and drug-allergy issues.  Our vision is to offer our patients world-class patient care and access to promising clinical research.image

Our commitment to excellence reflects the UCLA Health System tradition of international leadership in patient care, biomedical research, medical education and training.

We tailor our diagnostic work-up to each patient's clinical needs, and perform allergy testing judiciously. We provide each patient with an individualized treatment plan and easy access to our doctors when this plan needs to be revised.

As part of UCLA Health System, we offer integrated care with other outstanding UCLA physicians. This enables us to treat complex patients as part of a medical community providing care for these individuals.  As part of this philosophy, our center works closely with an Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Primary Care practice to ensure that the underlying health conditions of our allergy and clinical immunology patients of all ages can be met seamlessly.  This is part of the innovation driven by by Dr. Alan Fogelman, chair of Medicine, to provide age-appropriate, family oriented care to the Los Angeles community.

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