Last evening I was watching the news coverage of the dire situation and what imagemade it more difficult for fire fighters was the fact that the blast took out the water main too, so fire companies were trucking in water.  The second video below is an amateur home video from up on a hill that shows how huge the fire was at the onset.

In listening to the news the response of the hospitals to be ready was phenomenal too as they immediately put up tents to handle burn victims within a matter of imageminutes and later found they didn’t need the additional tents, but they were ready for a large amount of people to come through if needed.  This is truly tragic for those who lost everything and for those 4 who lost their lives.  I just read yesterday where the EPA was investigating the use of chemicals used when drilling for natural gas.  Sadly, this makes one more statement to the fact that our reliance on fossil fuels is not good.  Doctors and surgeons immediately arrived at the hospitals to see if they were needed to care for victims. 

Here’s a video of the situation as it erupted with the natural gas explosion, scary as this could happen anywhere.  I can bet we might see some infrastructure checks and balances coming in the near future.  Again, this is so sad and nobody had any warning.  There’s a huge hole in the ground where the explosion took place.  Not too long ago an HBO documentary came out about the effects of natural gas and drinking water, and as mentioned above the gas line explosion too the water with it, so this film might be regenerating more attention in the near future too.  BD

Drilling for Natural Gas Documentary – The Effect on Drinking Water and our Health "Gasland"

Fifteen people were being treated at Kaiser Medical Center in South San Francisco for burns, smoke inhalation and other injuries, spokeswoman Stacey Wagner said. Some critically burned patients had been transferred earlier to St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, she said. Three patients went to Seton Medical Center in Daly City.

Five injured people were taken to San Francisco General Hospital. Spokeswoman Rachael Kagan said three were in critical condition - a man in his 50ss and a woman in her 80s, both suffering from burn injuries, and a woman in her 80s being treated for smoke inhalation.

A woman in her 60s was in serious condition with smoke inhalation, and the fifth victim was in good condition, Kagan said.

San Bruno, Calif., neighborhood explodes in flames, destroying 53 homes


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