This is a video with the owner of Mannkind who has been developing the inhaled insulin product for a number of years and has a lot of money invested in it’s development and he and others are optimistic about FDA approval.  If it does get imageapproved, then in march in the folks with either their product or one they can modify so it collect data. 

I have reported on several inhalers in the past and there are links below to check them out.  This is huge for the patient to be able to get rid of the needles.  $925 Million has been invested from the CEO himself in the development.  Other drugs are also in the works to have an “inhaled” formulation like the one mentioned below for migraines.  Whether or not they have their own or possibly look at one of the inhaler companies listed here, you can bet in time the product will create a data trail. 

More Inhaled Drugs on the Way – Levadex for Migraines Met Trial Goals

I have spoken with Cambridge on several occasions and they keep me updated on what they have in the works and they do create drug delivery solutions for many pharma companies. 

Cambridge Consultants and Sun Pharma Develop a High Performance Dry Powder Drug Inhaler for Use Beginning in 2011

Sensohaler Device To Help Drive Compliance With Inhaled Medications – Smart Medical Devices

The Minder Wireless Device Connects to Collect Patient Medical Data and Transmit Via Wireless Network to Medical Record Systems Via HL7 Standards

These are just a few I have reported on and there’s also the one from the government project that is GPS unit in an inhaler and those folks should perhaps work with the commercial inhaler companies, you think?  BD 

Blue Tooth Inhaler and Audit Trail
Dr. Alfred Mann, CEO of Mannkind Corp has developed an inhaled form of insulin, which the FDA is expected to decide on approval later this month. The product, called Afrezza, would be a major breakthrough in diabetes care as it would greatly reduce the need for needles.

Video - MannKind Corp has developed an inhaled form of insulin, which the FDA is expected to approve. -


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