If you have read here for a while there have been several posts about United Healthcare investments in low income housing and this one is now building an entire community around “services” funded by those paying rent in an apartment building owned by United Healthcare.  Sure a community clinic is a good thing but look at what gets tied into it and there’s a lot more than meets the face.  imageThis is a loan of $20 million and maybe financed by the Optum Savings Bank, and that’s a speculation as I don’t know but what do banks do, loan out money from Health Savings Accounts on deposit as it’s been done before.  Here’s a few links from the archives on the company’s interest in low income housing. 

United Healthcare Makes Another Investment In Low Income housing–Wants Boston Rent Checks
United Healthcare Expands Into More Low Income housing Investments, This Time in Austin - They Want Your Rent Check Too-Subsidiary Watch
UnitedHealthcare Doesn’t Want To Let Wall Street Own All the Rentals, One More Housing Community Opened in Ohio With An Almost a $9 Million Dollar Investment, While Doctors Caring for Medicare Advantage Patients Are Being Cut From Their Networks…
United Healthcare Gets in The Low Income housingBusiness With Partnership to Finance Housing Projects in New Mexico

The article thinks this should be a national model, well again when we dig deeper into what goes on maybe yes, maybe no.  This is what the six components of this “community” are as was stated in a press release.  You know with all of this included, United will definitely want all the behavioral data on these folks they get their hands on as data selling via Optum Labs and other entities to manage people has become a big part of their business.

  • myCommunity ConnectTM – Facilitates access to social services.
  • UnitedHealthcare myWork Connect – Helps unemployed adults achieve the skills needed to obtain living-wage jobs.
  • myHousing ConnectTM Connects low-income individuals with appropriate housing to reduce health care costs, improve outcomes
  • UnitedHealthcare myData ConnectionTM Improves communications and information-sharing across social service providers to enable whole-person health.
  • UnitedHealthcare myMoney ConnectTM Creates more efficient, cost-effective access to money, integrated with a wellness rewards program.
  • UnitedHealthcare myRide – Improves access to nonemergency medical transportation service.

The entitty myMoney Connect is one I think folks should pay attention to as what all does this entail?  If you use the Optum bank, you get hooked up right away with a MasterCard so again there’s more data to score and mine on individual behavior. 

United Healthcare Owns abank-Optum bank That Will Collect Your HSA Money, Give You a MasterCard to Empty It Out-Which Enables Even More Data Mining and Selling Transactions About You

When we talk about rewards, don’t forget the United Healthcare coupons that are given out, again that provides more and more tracking on what you eat too and what you buy.  If it’s not United direct, they have a subsidiary called LHI that also had vending machines that require a card to be used, not cash so again a full record of what you purchase can be attained and sold later on. 

Health Insurance Companies Providing Charge Cards And/Or coupons For Healthy Foods–More Data To Collect About You And Potentially Repackage and Sell For A Profit…

The poor and needy are always at the top of the list when it comes to getting their data to sell and score for profit and this seems like the same thing here and there is a trade off and the poor don’t have much choice and that’s the way the data sellers like it as it means big profit for them.  I’m sure all who benefit from the center will be getting the new “food insecurities score” that was invented to even give data sellers even more behavioral data to mine and sell.  Again, I’m not picking on helping the poor here, but rather addressing the trade off that comes with it with lack of liberties, freedoms at times and of course your privacy and the poor are kind backed into a corner to release all this data so they can benefit.  This is not a true charity situation at all and at some point in time United will want their $20 million dollar loan back as well.  BD 

At a new Phoenix healthcare clinic, a person who goes in for a check up could walk away with much more — access to a new job, housing and healthy food for his or her family.

The myCommunity Connect Center is part of UnitedHealthcare's new myConnections pilot program to create social service and community programs that help families to improve their well-being.  UnitedHealthcare provided a loan of $20 million for myConnections programs in the area and those housed in the myCommunity Connect Center. The center plans to sustain itself with the revenue from an apartment complex Chicanos Por La Causa purchased, along with other investors in the community.



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