This is a video of a recent presentation I did at the 74th Annual AAPS (American Association of Physicians and Surgeons) meeting.  I don’t do too much blogging anymore as I don’t want to be confused with all the “junk” news out there but thought this is worth a look and listen for all.

The presentation was initially intended for a physician crowd, but after I thought about it, consumers can learn a lot from this as well.  We have too many folks today choosing “virtual” values and getting lost in the real world and don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes, and it’s a lot, things you can’t see rising from corporate America to gain control of us lesser valued serfs it seems.Optum_moneyball

Every direction you turn today, somebody is mining up some behavior data and scoring you today, so we have so many scores, and many of them secret, who knows what value some big corporation or government is putting on our head today?  I’ve been writing about this for years and unfortunately we have gone beyond just good production software that helps us in life and in doing our jobs into a somewhat digital caste system.  I used to write software and this is my attempt here to let the average consumer know more about what’s really taking place out there.  I thought the Obama administration was getting way too virtual, but it seems the new Trump administration is just as bad with not seeing the real world and embracing virtual world values as well, so I guess it doesn’t matter which person or party is in control out there today, they don’t like the ugly real world and keep pushing virtual values on all of us to keep consumers in the dark.

I call it a “One Trick Algo” world and that’s what you’re getting too often out there today, some algorithms and computer code, written by corporate America to profit that tricks you into things you would rather not do if you knew the whole story.  I call this “Operation Perception Deception”, which was a post I wrote back in 2015 and sadly it’s getting bigger every day.  So take a look and see what’s going on behind the scenes in healthcare, and don’t deceive yourself too badly with virtual values as people can’t seem to be able to tell the difference anymore.  BD


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