One thing I think that can safely be said is Andy Slavitt, a one time Goldman Sachs banker and United Healthcare Subsidiary CEO of Ingenix who tons of folks sued for flawed calculating algorithms on short payments on claims is trying to divert some attention from this fact.  It was interesting to watch this whole scenario as the name Ingenix got to be so bad out there that Untied had to change it to Optum.  It was well known all over that their anti fraud algorithms showed too many false positives and thus the the law suits.  So this looks to be an attention diversionimage to wrap everyone up once again into the data bubble that this is going to create some big solutions, it’s not.  As a matter of fact it comes right back around to the fact that people can’t tell the difference between virtual world values and the real world and Untied for years has cashed in and profited on that.

Virtual World Values and The Real World, We Have A Big Problem: People Can’t Tell the Difference Anymore as Perceptual Madness Grows to Further Accelerate Inequality…

Now here we go again and sure come queries will reveal some new Stat Rat numbers but mostly this is a smoke screen to have folks jump in to the fake “hope” belief when in fact algorithms and numbers just execute as programmed.  Besides, Optum Labs has had a couple years running at this and look what they have produced?  Not much, some number crunches and that’s about it from all we have heard.  This latest effort in digging through claims is not going to save the world or probably even a scant amount of money, but again a good side show to keep those who don’t know the different in a loop of false hope.  Here’s a case that just settled recently.  Those were a good example of  Mr. Slavitt’s algorithms at work when employed at United. 

Medical Society of New York Wins Down Coding Algorithm Case Against United Healthcare, Short Paying Doctors Again–Killer Algorithms For Big Profits Live Everywhere…

Right now many of CMS models are failing and there’s been a number of years of United mentoring CMS and HHS on their models and this I have been told from former Medicare employees that this went on for years.  We do I guess, need to keep the “Sebelius Syndrome” alive for fake numbers for profit to keep rolling as that’s what’s going on in healthcare and otherwise. 

Take at look at the SEC as well.  What do you have there, a lawyer who’s totally lost in the world of technologyimage and can’t find enough or adequate verbiage to regulate as she doesn’t get what’s really going on, so the SEC too suffers from the Sebelius Syndrome of behavioral perceptions that are just not true but technology allows such perceptions to be built, marketed and rigged by the news.

News Rigging Has Arrived! Astroturf and Manipulation of Media Messages-TED Video About “The Fake Grass Roots” Of Big Pharma and Other Campaigns That Fool and Fool Again…

Look at the game played yesterday with “news rigging” on how insurers just played around with the talk of one buying another, nothing solid but they were able to play on the fact that Humana who is actually for sale to grab the jugular of the stock bots and the madness pursued as insurance companies found a dirt cheap way with the chat to increase the price of their stock in a day.  The trading bots that read the news don’t know the difference and it was total game. 

Again, Andy Slavitt I believe has a real need to divert things from his past as he had so many lawsuits and with his roots in banking, well what does that leave your to think what his future is running Medicare?  Trust him, not in a New York minute to be honest in my opinion as his meddling and algorithms formulas from the past speak loud and clear, just like models used by banks. To understand how this works, scroll down and watch the Quant documentary in the footer of this blog as it talks bank models but the same math models with a little variation are running healthcare as well.  Mr. Slavitt does healthcare by the algorithms, not by the person or care they get, history shows it.  We just have another data goose chase here that will end up with queries that may be interesting here and there, but more so ones that will eventually lead these entrepreneurs to make money. 

I have no problem with good data creating good solutions but this is not one you can hang your hat on at all, it’s just more of what you could call some fake grass root campaigns and the public once again is being lead on to believe there’s more use to this than there really is.  We just see CMS going right down the same path that got the VA into trouble, a world of Stat Rat Fever to where nobody is doing data sniffs at all, just acting on queries.   I wrote about that observation a while back.  BD   

VA Crisis Just The Tip of the Iceberg As US Needs a Full On Healthcare Culture Change Everywhere To Get Back In Touch With the Real World of Patients…

For the first time, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services will allow innovators and entrepreneurs to access Medicare claims and other CMSdata, Acting Administrator Andy Slavitt announced Tuesday at Health Datapalooza in Washington.

These entrepreneurs will be allowed to conduct approved research aimed at developing tools and technologies to improve care and benefit consumers, say CMS officials. The data will be deidentified, but will be connected with specific providers. CMS will begin accepting innovator research requests in September 2015.


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