I read one article and of course this is something that always occurs with new zoningimage and changing the landscape in the US, but darn there sure seemed to be quite a few communities not happy about where CVS plans to either open new stores or is working to secure locations.  This is not just an east coast thing as it’s happening in California too.  So what’s the deal here?

They are taking over a lot of areas where “favorite” restaurants exist and shoving them out, that seems to be the reason for most of this.  Here’s the story on Chula Vista, California…two restaurants that people love, being shoved out.

Here’s the link to the story in California…

CVS and Chula Vista, CA

And here’s a few more…

CVS and New Haven, CT

CVS and Framingham, MA

CVS and Hopkinton, MA

It’s not that CVS is putting in a new store, it seems to be a matter of where and people’s favorite businesses are being the sacrificed lambs.  In southern California we have both them and Walgreens on street corners like gas stations used to be.  BD     


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