We all know how big business has to focus on stock buy backs, acquisitions, etc. today so donating perfectly good products that have been inventory to charity is just too much for a big corporation to deal with.  Instead, items like toilet paper, canned goods, toys, and much imagemore were just hauled off by the truckload to a local landfill.  Not only is this a waste for not allowing such to to go charity, why put perfectly good new products in a landfill?  The story says an insurance company made that decision as God forbid someone would use some new toilet paper and file a lawsuit over it being defective from a closed store?  Is that the reasoning here?

By the time the mayor found out what was going on, trucks were already on their way to the landfill.  We have a little buzzword here called “decommissioned” that seems to allow this to happen, so the store was “scored” as decommissioned and thus so the inventory was now waste.  I talk about the scoring of America and the Killer Algorithms all the time here at the Medical Quack and you can see by the interpretation of the word “decommission” it totally relieved Walgreens of having to even think about donating to the poor and legally allowed the company to pretty much say “we’re in this for money” we don’t care about the poor, you think?  In other recent Walgreens news, a few days ago they spun off a home infusion subsidiary.  Remember too the record $8 billion dollar bond sale last year to raise money to complete the acquisition of Boots. 

Walgreens Spins Off Home Drug Infusion Company–Option Care Bought by Private Equity Firm Madison Dearborn Partners..Option One Formerly Walgreens Infusion Services Subsidiary

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The company also has a couple new members sitting on their board from Hedge Funds, so you could possibly see a link there as far as a focus in making money only.  When stock buy backs come around, it seems everything else seems to be affected. 

Two Hedge Fund Executives Gain Board Seat Walgreens, Stock Buy Backs To Continue And Increase, As Well Cost Cutting With Products And Maybe Employees

Last year Walgreens closed a long time facility in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Walgreens Closing Distribution Center in Flagstaff Arizona - 345 Jobs Lost While Senator Durbin of Illinois States They Are Turning Their Backs On the US Should They Move Their Headquarters Outside the US

But let’s bottom this thing out and get to the real reasons…Walgreens makes between 1-2 billion a year selling our personal data, so guess what, if the products were donated, they wouldn’t get any data to sell.  I’ve covered theirs and other data selling efforts quite a bit.

Walgreens Cashing in Big In the Data Selling Epidemic Arena–Incentives Connected to Apps and Devices That Sell, Re-Query and Re-Sell Our Data And Data Profiles



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