We all know the home drug infusion business is growing as companies send out technicians and clinical personnelimage to administer treatments at home versus making a trip to the hospital or to the doctor’s office.  This is yet one more subsidiary added to the approaching 400 or so subsidiaries of United Healthcare, and of course this is one is “tiered” under the Optum subsidiary.

AxelaCare treats patients in 44 states and Washington DC.  Infusion medications are sent via mail to the patient to receive and then a nurse shows up to administer the medication.  You can see this goes right in hand with the OptumRx pharmacy benefit management.  By the time this gets rolled in, even those insured by Cigna will be having this therapy managed by United Healthcare.  Any one see any anti-trust possibilities here?

If You Are Insured by Cigna, Guess What You Have a New Pharmacy Benefit Manager Named United Healthcare

Of course, you won’t be able to use cash to pay for this type of therapy as it will be mailed to you and there’s alreadyimage a big war on cash at the drug stores with CMS and private industry already scoring people as non compliant there to also get everything on a data trail of credit cards where everything you do is tracked.

Patients Who Pay “Cash” When Filling Prescriptions Are Now Called “Outliers, Pharmacists Required to Fix Outliers as They Show Up As Non Medication Adherence Compliant With 5 Star Systems Full of Flawed Data…

So while everyone was worried about the big stir up with United Healthcare politically stirring up the news with the Affordable Act insurance policies , you had this purchase going on as well.  United/Optum has grown by acquiring other companies.  In addition if you can’t afford care, there’s another option at Optum (which you have to pay for) with a “discount card” called Health Allies.  This company was founded by current CMS head, Andy Slavitt and the daughter of Senator Elizabeth Warren, Amelia Warren Tyagi in California when both of them got together at a “beach house” as it was quoted in an interview in California from knowing each other at the McKinsey Group.  We all know what “The Firm” (McKinsey) group is today, the “CEO school” basically as written about in the book called “The Firm: The Story of McKinsey and Its Secret Influence on American Business”.   Being that Warren’s daughter now runs a company that is stated to compete with McKinsey, one could speculate if the agency had anything to do with the fact that a former United Healthcare Executive ended up running the NHS i the UK as well.  You can ponder that one if you like.  The company finds McKinsey like people to run companies. 

You can go here for the visual history on Health Allies and take a look.  I might guess both Warren’s daughter and Current CMS Head Andy Slavitt made a big haul here with United buying Health Allies and I think allowed Mr. Slavitt to go further and create the Ingenix subsidiary of United Healthcare, which has a huge history of not being honest with their math models and algorithms.  We also can’t over look Lois Quam who Hillary Clinton hired to work for her in the 90s and later in the State Department as well with her influence in allowing one insurer to gain so much power and authority as well.  Here’s a New York Times article announcing the Lois Quam marriage in 2014 to Azizali Mohammed, a correspondent, based at the State Department in Washington, so we’re back to Hillary Clinton connections again here.   Maybe today with all the uprising with Muslims this is worth a mention, as some of this does come into play with writing healthcare policy, just look at the news.  

Lois Quam was a high ranking executive at United Healthcare who was responsible for the AARP and PacifiCare acquisition that was also imagegiven the job of being head Global Health Initiative from Obama and that project failed after a couple of years and was dumped.  Here’s a background summary of how Ingenix operated under the leadership of Andy Slavitt and all the lawsuits filed over the use of their algorithms. 

Another United Healthcare (Ingenix) Lawsuit Settling Over 9 Million-Short Paying Ambulatory Surgery Centers-Current CMS Director and One Time Goldman Sachs Banker, Andy Slavitt was CEO of Ingenix for Years…

With all the mergers and acquisitions today, I feel it’s important for consumers to be aware of who’s bottom line you are feeding with your healthcare today as United/Optum is pretty much just “hiding in plain site” and taking advantage of the fact that people don’t bother to look and read.  Here’s another example of the new Optum Clinical Labs subsidiary and we don’t know who jumped in to add the additional $32 million in funding here either.  With United’s current CEO now sitting on the board of Cargill, corporation, well one could speculate, was it one of the hedge funds that food company operates?  The investors in the new Optum Clinical Labs subsidiary was kept in secret with the SEC filing. 

If you read the article you can see the purchase of yet another company, MedExpress who blankets several states with many urgent care centers and advertises to buy even more doctor’s practices if they want out.  Two states in particular, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts are pretty heavily populated with the centers as well as West Virginia.  West Virginia is where our current HHS Secretary has her roots as well, before serving as chief of staff for former Secretary of the Treasury, Bob Rubin who just about killed this country while he was in office and worked both at Goldman Sachs and Citbank.  Bob Rubin these days, though, blames the polarity in the US on Facebook and that is good for a laugh and a half you could say. 

OPTUM Clinics Holdings, New Subsidiary Incorporated In 2015 Raises Over 36 Million (Exchange of Shares) From Investors Unknown-Form D Used to Maintain Secrecy Of Who They Are For Now…

We also have Anthony Welters, the Executive VP Assistant to the CEO of United Healthcare who also has been elected to the board of the Private Equity firm Carlyle, who just experienced a loss on the last quarter reports that could have some impact in the direction of healthcare investments.  In addition to the Health Allies firm mentioned above, let’s not forget the Optum full custodial saving bank.  It’s an interesting read here as those who put their money in an HSA here when they reach $2100 in savings, also get marketed to put that money in Mutual Funds, so here you go, spend it on the healthcare you need or gamble in the markets with mutual funds for your care? 

United Healthcare Owns a Bank-Optum Bank That Will Collect Your HSA Money, Give You a MasterCard to Empty It Out-Which Enables Even More Data Mining and Selling Transactions About You

One has to wonder though on whether or not any anti-trust inquiries will appear?  Currently Loretta Lynch (see image on the right) who serves as the head of the Department of Justice used to represent United Healthcare with their anti-trust suits, so go figure.  It’s pretty interesting how all this seems to just circle back in one form or another to United Healthcare, you think?  You can read here too how this entire algorithmic process on “scoring” consumers on medication adherence predictions which are flawed had their roots with Ingenix algorithms as well.  Basically the link below tells about where all of this is going, with a lot flawed data being able to produce flawed profiles on consumers and what you get access too is or will be “scored”, so we’re back to the Attack of the Killer Algorithms where nobody looks at the data, on the results the queries pump out. 

Excess Scoring of US Consumers, US Citizens-Scored into Oblivion By Proprietary Algorithms and Formulas, Never Duplicated or Tested for Accuracy-Profits of Big Business And A White House Executive Command To Continue the Abuse..

The scary thing here is one health insurance company forming a monopoly at HHS and CMS today and we are seeing lack of competition here and again too much power from one US corporation.  There have been and currently are several executives of United who serve over at the CAP (Center for American Progress) who is the think tank that writes healthcare policy for HHS today.  That is scary too as you will also find folks like Dr. Zeke Emanuel and Jonathon Gruber over there as well as members, writing policy.  If you have ever read much of Zeke Emanuel’s books or articles, it’s hard to ignore the fact that he’s walking commercial for Optum and United Healthcare, been that way for a few years now. 

Anyway word to the wise here is pay attention to who’s acquiring and financing who as it does impact the type, quality and amount of healthcare services you will be able to receive.  We have a lot of models breaking over at CMS that were mentored over the years by United Healthcare, so pay attention as companies will continue to push broken models on consumers as they make money for the corporations with little care about whether they work for consumers.  As I said in another post “People don’t work that way”…and even Google can’t figure it out either as they are studying their own internal employees to learn. 

So be aware if you are a client of AxelaCare for your drug infusion needs, you get to put more money to the bottom line of United Healthcare, the “too big to fail” health insurer with a monopoly interest over the US government it appears today.  The link below kind of follows suit there as you can’t even find HHS/CMS really supporting the FDA, the agency that also falls under their jurisdiction.  It’ all about the 6 Degrees of Bob Rubin (Secretary Burwell) and a former Goldman Sachs Banker (CMS Director Andy Slavitt) running the show, while everyone else sleeps at the wheel.  BD

HHS Joins Optum Labs as Research Partner–Back Peddles Support of FDA Sentinel Program That Does the Same Thing-More Impact from the Six Degrees of Bob Rubin Running Healthcare in the US

Purchasing AxelaCare was a strategic move for OptumRx to further its strategy of improving care and reducing costs by integrating information and services.

AxelaCare's electronic patient outcomes assessment technology, CareExchange, reports real-time patient data on the clinical efficacy of drug regimens, which will work together with Optum's analytics tools to support treatment decisions.

"With an aging population accessing new and more medications, AxelaCare enhances OptumRx’s ability to deliver the best care to the growing number of consumers managing complex conditions through at-home infusions," a release said. "Together, AxelaCare and OptumRx will expand the scope of treatments that can be offered in the home rather than in higher-cost institutional settings."

Optum employs 10,000 people total, with 1,200 of them in Overland Park. AxelaCare will bring 1,500 people to the company.



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