I know I sound like a broken record here but there’s good reason for this.  I found this site on the web a while back and it appears to be growing and more data for sale is appearing.  There are legitimate lists here for sale that we have all seen forever on the web too.  What I want to call your imageattention too is the types of lists contained here and there’s no reference to some of the origins.  This means that more than likely the data has been repackaged and re-queried with other data.  When the Anthem breach news broke, again I took the opportunity to mention again that crooks want to sell data too. 

Amazingly enough, my campaign for licensing data sellers has been re-tweeted and received comment from the Anonymous group on how this will and could take place with selling more data.  Read this link below and step into the real world of people who understand and know these skills and wake up to what’s going on today.  As a developer or programmer, all you have to do is put on your “jerk” hat for a while to pretty much figure out what the other side might be doing for money.  It’s worked for me for years and there’s a lot a lot of folks who are smarter than me too.  I just wish more would speak up more often.

Anthem Data Breach–Crooks Want to Sell Data Too–The Impact of the “Data Selling For Profit Epidemic” That Exists in the US With Scoring Consumers Removing Access and Human Dignity

If you visit my campaign you can see what I’m dealing with as now I appear on a list of “known blood thinner users” that is sold all over the place.  This is due to sloppy data work and/or bad matching from social network data, blogs, and comments.  This crap follows you and you have nowhere to go to find the source and get rid of it half the time as there’s no way to find the repackagers.  The problem here is that we are consumers are totally helpless here to fix some of this.  The World Privacy Forum has also been very active in their views on the same issues, the secret scoring that takes place and you have no clue what’s gone on. 


Online Data Brokers Persist, Listing Consumers on Chronic Disease Mailing Lists And More–Need To License and Index All Data Sellers, Brokers, Banks, Companies, Otherwise You Don’t Have a Complete Listing of Who They Are…

In addition we have this recent story to where a woman who’s records were breached at a hospital who later found her information being used.  Below are a few lines from the full article. 

“In notifying current and former patients and employees, St. Joseph said that it wasn’t aware of any of the information being misused. Still, after Peters found that her Discover credit card information had been stolen some months later, and that hackers had tried to infiltrate her Amazon.com account — posing as her son — she was pretty sure what the source of her woes was. And she was determined to act.

Peters filed a 13-count complaint against St. Joseph, alleging violations of the federal “Fair Credit Reporting Act” (FCRA).

She alleged that her personal information had been exposed in the breach and then disseminated in the public domain, where it was being “misused by unauthorized and unknown third parties.” Hackers' attempts to use her son’s name to compromise her Amazon.com account was particularly damning, Peters


claimed: that information could only have been obtained from names and next-of-kin information she provided to St. Joseph before the data breach.

Peters also asserted that telemarketers were using the stolen information – that she had been besieged with calls and solicitations for medical products and services companies, with telemarketers asking to speak to her and with specific family members, whose contact information was part of the record stolen from St. Joseph.”

You really should read the entire article above as again it goes to show how consumers can be and are left holding the bag.  Look at all the solicitations she received and I get those and I hate them as they go on forever and are more of a nuisance now than a help.  I’ll go search when I need information, thank you.  I just recently relocated and gee I can’t tell you how many phone calls I received from folks buying lists.  I asked the one person how she got my name, “it’s on a list I buy every week” she said.  She didn’t even know where she bought the list from when I asked that question! 

Ok let’s dig a little further here and the following link will probably really get to you a bit as this company, Argus buys your credit card transactions, and then scores you with some analytics and sells that data (and the score) to insurers and banks.  Look who else is buying up your information, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  I said when Richard Cordray was appointed that he would be a waste pretty much as being limited to go after low hanging fruit and he proved me correct.  He’s another one afflicted by the “Sebelius Syndrome”.   It’s like a virus as it lives all over the White House and in Congress too. 

These are the folks that stick with verbiage only and forget there’s code that needs to go along with their laws to make things work. Remember Healthcare.Gov?  It’s still not finished.  Want to repeal Obamacare?  Bring in some good coders ok, no matter which way things go (lol), this is the reality folks.  The short order computer code kitchen burned down years ago all of this takes time.   After you read about Argus,


here’s another outfit like them called E-scoring who does the same stuff and skirts out from under federal laws in how they classify their business. 

Argus Analytics Produces “Share of Credit Card” Data On Consumers - Digs Up The Dirt on Your Credit Card Behavior Patterns-US Consumer Protection Agency Is A Client-We Are Paying for Richard Cordray’s Slow Education Process

So again, three years ago I began campaigning to license all data sellers so we know who they are and can fix the flaws that are surmounting and nobody listened and so look at this site.  If you don’t think this is the perfect spot for stolen data from Anthem to appear, you better have your head examined as this is how it works and there’s no call for anyone to justify where the data came from and with 80 million files, they can sell on this site and others for years.  If you look at the prices here, it’s a bit better than the black market and that area is more for stolen credit card data anyway.  With data like you see here, the crooks can make it all look legal and make a lot of money, over and over and over. 

The Anonymous folks even hate hackers like this too and call them “digital criminals”, we had a short discussion on Twitter about this.  So help me out here and donate to my cause as I continue to write to the FTC and members of Congress to get them moving on this.  This is a huge exposure for consumers and with repackaging us and creating new data bases, it will go on forever and wait until you see all the flawed data that appears that people will use to judge you, you won’t like it as nobody likes data that is either taken out of context or just flat out wrong used to judge them, self included!  Again just like the Sebelius Syndrome I called in 2009, here’s another scenario of consumers being hurt and “code hosed”.  BD

You own the data you buy

Yes, if you have purchased a file from a Seller, you purchase ownership rights to that file.

Note: the only exception to this rule is if the seller has attached a Custom Contract to a Sale stating that full ownership rights are not transferred by sale. Buyer's have the full opportunity to read Custom Contracts before Sales are completed.esus



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