The MedicalQuack officially did go broke but with the big security breach from Anthem,image I thought this post was necessary.  We don’t know yet or at least I have not read what services Anthem will be supplying but if you want to take your identity in your own hands, here’s an option for you with Lifelock.

Here’s a clip from Dr. Halamka, CIO Harvard Medical (the entire interview can be seen here) on the value of hacked and stolen data.  At the beginning he talks about the new codes doctors will be using soon, a lot.  This was done a couple months ago odd that he just happens to reference “that great Blue Cross Plan”…

You can follow this link and it will take you to the page where you can enroll and get a discount by using the code:  QUACK

If you don’t use the code the discount will not apply so don’t miss that part as it’s not pleasant thinking you might need to enroll so take advantage. 

Here’s a couple videos that explain a little bit more about LifeLock and how it works.  In addition, there’s options for a company to enroll to protect employees as well.  

Lifelock’s Three Layers of Service…

Here’s a preview of what the 3 programs they offer…quick screenshot..







I was looking at their website and there’s a new service just been added:  Data Breach Notifications…

So I hope this helps and at least offers some answers and a place to go.  80 million records is huge and it’s only starting.  I have a campaign as well to establish a law that will require data sellers to be licensed.  Why?  As data is breached and repackaged, just like counterfeit drugs, stolen data that companies believe to be legal will end up in the system. 

We need a way to track data that is sold as well as a way for consumers to look up sellers and be able to locate those who have posted flawed information about them.  Read my story as I’ve been there and I have one now I can’t remove. 

Visit the Privacy/Transparency Campaign and please consider a donation if you will.  I have been working on this for 3 years and even a small $5.00 contribution is really appreciated.

Thank you!!

Barbara Duck

The Medical Quack!


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