This gets interesting as it’s been all over the news that Untied Healthcare is firing doctors throughout many states and the northeast is where most of it is taking place.  The plan that was supposed to imagebegin on January 1st was not accepted by medical providers in the area, so what good does that do if there’s few or no providers to see in network and the coverage was less.  So for now, it’s status quo with existing plans with CareFirst and Aetna while the issues are worked out.  Maybe they better open up some more  Urgent Care centers if they want to make sure there’s providers available? 

US Appeals Court Refuses Interim Stay Requested By United Healthcare In Connecticut & Refers Matter to 3 Judge Panel While Other State Medical Boards (California and Texas to name 2) Signed On To The Brief To Support The Connecticut State Medical Society

In the legal case in Connecticut a judge has now sent United and the physician’s groups to mediate and report back on February 4th and then there’s the separate lawsuit in New York.

When the new bidding takes place United can return and bid again.  BD

The Howard County Board of Education Thursday terminated its contract with United Healthcare, officially backing out of a Medicare Advantage Health Benefits plan that many retirees had criticized.

The board voted unanimously to rescind the contract award entirely and start the contract bidding process over again for a replacement to the existing self-funded Medicare Supplement plans for eligible retirees.

A Medicare Advantage Plan with Part D benefits from United Healthcare was supposed to go into effect Jan. 1, but the board decided to suspend that contract for a year after retirees said the plan wasn’t accepted by medical providers in the area, and that the coverage was less than what they had under their previous plans through CareFirst and Aetna.,0,1318346.story#ixzz2rMM2JHsZ


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