This almost needs no introduction and I’m sure almost all the doctors today can relate to this one.  ZDogg MDimage has another hit it seems.  This is a real doctor who does all these videos so he’s on the front line. 

“EHR's suck. Let's make 'em better. Go to and tell the IT and government folks what's up. And check out for lyrics, behind-the-scenes dopeness, and all our other videos. Please SHARE...or the machines win.”

He’s right “just an over glorified billing platform, with patient stuff tacked on.  I wrote an EMR in the early days as a developer and I get this too.  Over time the insurers took over and the tool that was meant to help doctors became the tool to help insurance companies.   

EHRs suck:)  BD 

Here’s a couple of his other videos, very well done too! 

“Ebola”..ZDoggMD Parody Song…(Like Lola From the Kinks)…
“I’ve Got Friends With Low Platelets” Video Parody And Humor…
The Hospitalist Anthem-The Hard Doc’s Life In the Silicon Valley


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