You may or may not be aware of what’s going on with Big Data here but in China this is the deal, a Citizen Score that will determine everyone’s worth by using all sources of data available.  So this is happening only in China? Wrong..we have Excess Scoring for profit in place in the US, and maybe you just are not aware of how far the tentacles reach.  When you read through here, look at who’s controlling the data, Alibaba. In China the companies are pretty much forced to work with the government.   To see how this is working in the US, use the link below to get full story on what we are dealing with.  Please pay attention to the latest White House Executive Order allowing companies to mine and harvest any data they want in the name of making things better for the government and to provide agencies information they “might’ need about all of us.   After the issue of that Executive Order as mentioned below, do you not think the US government is going in this direction?

Excess Scoring of US Consumers, US Citizens-Scored into Oblivion By Proprietary Algorithms and Formulas, Never Duplicated or Tested for Accuracy-Profits of Big Business And A White House Executive Command To Continue the Abuse..

Think of all the information about you on the web and information collected by credit agencies, credit card companies, health apps and more, it all goes into a Big Data Pot.  Once in the pot, here comes the scores and of course those are flawed and there’s tons of algorithms that are proprietary that create some type of “score” about you.  In healthcare with HIPAA, scores can be sold about you where your actual data is not.  Don’t believe that one?  Look at the link below and see what Express Scripts brags about on their website on their Big Data Analytics.  If you have children in the household, you get a ding on the proprietary formula that calculates whether or not you will be a good patient and take your medicine.  Income not high enough, another ding.  Are you a male seeing a female doctor, yet another ding and there’s a total of 300 metrics.  These scores are “secret”, you can’t get them; however they are sold like hot cakes to insurers, drug companies and more.  Sounding like the China Citizen Score yet?  You bet it is. 

Medication Adherence Predictions Enter the World of Quantitated Justifications For Things That Are Just Not True, Members of the Proprietary “Code Hosing” Clubs Out There Destroying Your Privacy

By the way, this flawed model of predicting medication adherence was created by non other than Ingenix, now Optum, that division of United Healthcare that only does healthcare by the algorithms.  Don’t forget how they cheated with paying doctors as well and there’s a ton of lawsuits on the books with settlements, so VW is not the only Code Hoser out there.  United also fires doctors by the algorithms as well, based on how they “score” them as well.  Want to keep your doctor, well this time it’s not Obamacare to blame, it’s the insurers who “score” them out of reach for you.  Doctors are no strangers to excess scoring by all means. 

Express Scripts- New Program to Contact and Predict Patients Who May Not Be Taking Their Medicine Based On Ingenix Algorithms–We Want the Revenue Please Don’t Stop

1.3 billion Chinese citizens’ national ID cards are connected to this digital caste system, scoring them on their behavior and activities friends in your social graph, so watch what you put on Facebook as they could stand a chance of being the Algorithms that could handle such in the US.  Oh yes and there’s a Crap App in China called “Sesame Credit” where you can view “your worth”.  The scores range from 350 to 900 and wow if your score is above $600, well guess what, you can get a loan for around $800.00 or so.  At 700 you can get a fast track permit to visit Singapore.  High scores of course are required for better jobs, so if you friend Sally or Joe puts some awful imagestuff about you out there forget the job, you’re discriminated against. 

Oh and if you publish any information about the Shanghai stock market collapse, you’re a dead beast per se.  We all read a while back that the Chinese government was going after “short sellers and buyers” in the market news, that was pretty well publicized. 

Back in the US, the data selling business is exploding and again stands to even grow more since our White House sees little value with any privacy for any of us.  It’s only now toying with the idea of “letting” consumers maybe sure a Data Broker.  You’ll never hear the word Data Selling come out of the White House either as they can’t seem to bring themselves to publicly admit this is taking place, and they know it is.  Check out what Argus Analytics is doing out there, buying up all your credit card data, scoring and selling some algorithmic created score about you.  They don’t care when it comes to selling time as flawed data gets the same price as good data.  Also, pay attention to the mention of Richard Cordray, the “Mr. Low Hanging Fruit Guy” over at the Consumer Financial Protection Agency, he’s buying up all your scored data too for government.  I knew he would almost be a total waste as he had to study all of this and in the meantime, algorithms fly to mine and collect data. 

Argus Analytics Produces “Share of Credit Card” Data On Consumers - Digs Up The Dirt on Your Credit Card Behavior Patterns-US Consumer Protection Agency Is A Client-We Are Paying for Richard Cordray’s Slow Education Process

I said this almost a couple years ago, that somebody needs to start calling foul on proprietary scoring of consumers at it stinks. 

Somebody Needs to Start Calling “Foul” On Proprietary Predictive Algorithms When They Cannot Be Replicated For Accuracy As This Accelerates Inequality and Promotes Even More Data Selling For Profit

And hey, look at this hospital chain now pulling up all your Data Broker information from social networks and all over the web along with your credit card data, don’t you think this looks exactly like the Chinese Citizen Score model…you better take a look.

Oh Crap, Now Hospitals Are Now Buying Data From Acxiom - Data Selling Epidemic Continues to Evade on Personal Privacy As “Algo Duped-Stat Rat” People Try to Implement Virtual Models That Won’t Work…

Here’s more on what the US government is doing here, as now HUD and HHS are working together to get your medical records before you get any HUD help to see if you are “healthy” enough and deserving enough for financial assistance.  Of course this work is being done by the Lewin group, a subsidiary of United Healthcare who’s a huge data seller and buyer.  They want to own the mental health care business in the US as well. Pay attention to current CMS administrator too, Andy Slavitt who is basically nothing more than a quant and former Goldman banker who created a lot of the “scoring” algorithms and got sued for them in his days at Ingenix.  Drop a line to your Senator while I’m thinking about it to tell them to vote no on his Obama confirmation to run Medicare.  See once again you have the government of the US giving carte blanch to the creators of such algorithms that will just score you right out of access to various areas of healthcare. 

HHS and HUD Match Housing and Health Data - To Understand Needs of HUD Assisted Households-Study Contracted to Lewin Group - A Subsidiary of United Healthcare

You probably heard about the big Experian Breach in the news recently with millions more with exposed data out there.  Healthcare. Gov has them as one of their preferred partners and does credit scoring on you when you apply for insurance via the website.  What’s really almost a slap in the face to those who got breached is they get 2 years of credit surveillance services, through who?  None other than Experian, the company that just breached them, how’s that for bad apples.  Pay attention as well to the scoring going on when your get your prescriptions.  I had a great talk with a pharmacist who’s supposed to run down all the Outliers who are not taking their medications.  Real deal is that patients are taking their meds but the data is flawed and people default to non compliance.  Everyone followed up with is PAYING CASH! 

Patients Who Pay “Cash” When Filling Prescriptions Are Now Called “Outliers, Pharmacists Required to Fix Outliers as They Show Up As Non Medication Adherence Compliant With 5 Star Systems Full of Flawed Data…

Wake up folks, it’s the same profession, Quants with their math models that destroyed the housing market that’s moved on over to healthcare and they create all those scores which in turn denies you access somewhere along the line and stick every single incident of risk to ass they can think of, real or spurious.

Data Scientists/Quants in the Health Insurance Business–Modeling Beyond the Speed and Capabilities of Humans To Keep Up With The Affordable Care Act–Turning Into A World of Killer Algorithms That We All Hate..

So give this some real thought, don’t you see the parallels?  First thing you can do is pay cash where ever you can.  Sure we can’t use cash exclusively today, but do it when you can to keep your hard earned money away from Algorithms that will do who knows what with it.  The start up company Samsung uses for “Samsung Pay” just got breached..there’s another warning for you.

We need to index and license all data sellers in the use as well and you can go here to read even more and watch a couple videos on how the corporate world and the government are taking over your thoughts, lifestyles, etc. on the Dupes of Hazard communities in the US.  Don’t trust all of this and be a skeptic when you need to be. 

As the ACLU points out, we don’t want “Citizens Score” in the US at all and if something isn’t done soon, it keeps moving that way.  I had to laugh when I watched the VW hearing this week in Congress and I thought to myself, no wonder we get hacked all the time in the US as the rest of the world thinks we are all that naïve.  I about fell off my chair listening to one member of Congress asking the CEO of VW on how they could open the hood of their car and find the cheating code.  Folks it’s not how it works, it’s the background, you can’t see it but know it’s there.  The other question that was a side buster was the one Congressman wanting to know how we could find all those who had died from the polluting cars.

I kind of have an idea where that dupe came from as if you visit the link below, you can see the junk science emails that float out of the White House that actually stuck numbers on how many people would not die if climate control was enacted…nobody can do that but again, at the very top, junk science and thus this person in Congress must have read that White House email to think you could put a number on and find those who died from polluting cars…a bad case of Stat Rat Fever at the White House indeed.  Pretty good junk science numbers from the White House is it not, 2300 people will stay out of the hospital..give me a break as nobody can put a number to something like that with climate control.  I wonder how many others looked at that email and laughed or were disgusted over the use of STAT RAT FEVER methods to actually get folks to believe you could predict such…nobody can. 

Junk Science Appearing Everywhere, Even The White House “PR Templated” Correspondence Creates Spurious Correlations…

Someone with a bit of sense at the LA Times in a VW article put that Congressional perception of nonsense to rest of being able to find those who died from the polluting cars, thank goodness.

I agree with the ACLU on this one as I write about this all the time as I used to program and have been telling folks for years people cheat with computer code and algorithms.  They write for money most of the time and not for the “good”.  So pay cash and think about step one with indexing and licensing all data sellers.  The lawyers are in dummy land thinking you can create verbiage only that can regulate this monster that could in fact turn into Citizen Scoring in the US, it’s a real threat and take it seriously.  BD

Gamer? Strike. Bad-mouthed the government in comments on social media? Strike. Even if you don’t buy video games and you don’t post political comments online “without prior permission,” but any of your online friends do….strike. The strikes are actually more like dings, dings to your falling credit score that is.

Thanks to a new terrifying use of big data, a credit score can be adversely affected by your hobbies, shopping habits, lifestyles, what you read online, what you post online, your political opinions as well as what your social connections do, say, read, buy or post. While you might never imagine such a credit-rating system in America, it is happening in China and the ACLU said it serves as a warning for Americans.

Big data is sucking in everything about citizens as algorithms evaluate that data, but the Chinese government is leveraging that data and “smart data” analysis that “reveals even casual relationships” in order to create a comprehensive credit score system which “determines your opportunities for life.” Yes the score does measure the ability to pay, but “this is the most staggering, publicly announced, scaled use of big data I've ever seen,” said Silicon Valley entrepreneur Michael Fertik; he is also the author of The Reputation Economy. “It certainly feels about as Orwellian as your nightmares would have it be.”


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