This is topic that maybe does not get enough attention, simply due to the fact that today, consumers  are just blasted with a score for this and a score for that, basically establishing a brain washing process to where we are becoming a “Dupes of Hazard” community in the US and maybe beyond.  There have been many articles talking about the lack of common sense but most have not touched into what is causing all of this.  Stop and think, every where you read, you need a flipping “score” or you need to go search out some statistics to make a simple every day decision.  image

Certainly there are times when you do need research and need to read up, but those lines and simple every day decisions are becoming more gray by the day.  In addition, some of the areas you go to do research are filled with “flawed data” created by proprietary software models that are not reviewed but rather just say “trust me, I can give you the information on this website” per se.  Surveys can be helpful at times but they too are way overdone and so many of them have back end functions that are just there to mine and scam some data to sell from your response, depends on who’s doing the survey and what’s at stake.  I stay away from all of them myself as I can’t always tell what’s a data mining survey to capture data for sale or one that is just a simple survey anymore. 

Privacy Duping of America-The Intangible Threat Model Has Changed Significantly-Companies Hide The Code On the Web, $180 Billion Dollar A Year Business, Welcome to The Duperville World of Inequality..

The government also is a big proponent of “scoring” as you see it everywhere and they too seem to think that “scoring” and digesting such scores are the big answers everyone needs…not so.  Look at HHS and CMS for a couple big examples.  They can’t stop scoring and think they need to offer us more scores, and in turn “score us” some more to where it becomes an area where you just turn off.  CMS scores on hospitals are pretty much useless as consumers pretty much have to go to the hospital “in network” and if it has a less than desirable score, who wants to see that.  If you need a procedure you want to think that the facility is capable and that you will have a good experience as the insurers too have scored those hospitals, so who’s right? 

Insurers of course will tweak hospital and doctor ratings and scores to steer people to search out those in network,image and thus so, if consumers want their medical bills paid with a larger dollar amount, they go there.  The research needed here is to find the doctors and hospitals who are in network.  As a matter of fact insurers make it harder for you all the time to research as their own systems are so complex, they have a hard time breaking it down for the consumer to research with firing doctors all the time with quant manufactured models that pretty function like financial models. 

United Healthcare Extending Narrow Networks in California–More Secret Scoring of Doctors in the US–Telling The Doctors If They Are “Allowed” To Be In Network…

Sure there is data that makes us smarter, but how many times do you see articles on the web about stupid studies that lean on the side of making a common sense decision, all the time.  One that circulates out there a lot is about how much sleep you need.  To me, this is commonimage sense as if I don’t get enough, my body tells me, so what’s so difficult about that?  Sure there are real problems with people who for what ever reason “can’t sleep, but that’s a different issue all together.  Are you going to spend all this time and clutter your mind with how much sleep you need to in turn become much more insecure as all the media tells you to do this?  It’s pretty much what’s going on to where you can’t make a simple determination of whether or not you are getting enough sleep, which has pretty much been common sense.

We have a ton of what I call “Crap Apps” out there as well with some developer writing a few queries to help with decision making.  There are a few that are worth your time with some of this but more commonly most are just crap.  All the medication apps to “help you” remember to take meds are pretty much just data miners and data selling equipped.  For years I have used Outlook, and can do it on my phone to schedule a simple reminder to take of something, be it take a pill or take care of a well for me and again I can stay away from the Crap Apps and keep things simple and use technology that doesn’t invade my privacy. 

You also have useless websites like Healthgrades that are on the web to make money with ad exposure.  This week they put out a story about how people don’t research hospitals well enough and that 1 in 6 patients could have made better choices with going to hospital that specializes in their needs.  Of course for the STAT RAT FEVER folks they are all over this,image but it’s a useless piece of garbage report as it entails nothing about what hospitals were “available” in network or the again, dump their studies and you can read the link below as what they do is just junk outside of giving you an address and phone number for a doctor or a hospital.  I found my former MD who had been dead for 8 years listed on their site an still seeing new patients.  The use of their site for credible research is like out the window and don’t waste your time.  Word of mouth with doctors and hospital selections still seem to be at the top and for good reason. 

Why Does A Hospital That Was Closed By The Feds In 2013, that Put “Fake” Screws In Patients Backs, Has A CEO/Owner Who Admitted Fraud/Patient Endangerment And Is Waiting Sentencing And Who Bribed A State Senator, Still Show On Healthgrades With Five Star Ratings?

So next time when you are at a simple decision making process, do some soul searching and think about what you are doing, are you running to the web to look at statistics that really have no impact on your decision as the media tells you to look at sites and to use certain apps.  Try and figure out when you are polluting the process in your own head and run to find stats, maybe just out of habit.  Watch this video below which is also in the footer of this blog of what I call 4 “should see” pieces of information. 

Are you sucking in to quantitated justifications for things that are not true? 

And as I mention all the time, these efforts make money, big money for US corporations and we have a situation I call Excess Scoring in the US and if you buy into this over done behavior, you too will lose the ability to make every day “common sense” decisions and you’ll find yourself becoming a bit more insecure in your own abilities.  Give this some thought next time you are trying to figure out where the perfect butt is, how much sleep you need and so on.  The link below goes into more detail and how the US Government uses this process as well, be aware 

Excess Scoring of US Consumers, US Citizens-Scored into Oblivion By Proprietary Algorithms and Formulas, Never Duplicated or Tested for Accuracy-Profits of Big Business And A White House Executive Command To Continue the Abuse..

If we can hang on to our ability to continue to use our common sense, a lot of the broken models and crap apps we are told we need will eventually go away and hopefully only the ones that are truly useful will survive.  BD 


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