This is one of those stories from the beyond and I worked in imagelogistics for years and transportation companies used to have sales as such on lost products, damages, and so on relative to freight claims.  After the company paid a claim for goods that could not be sold as new, this is very common to recover a portion of the money.  This box came from the UK and had a “Boots Label” which is a British drug store and this will be interesting to see how this moves along for sure with tracing how the product got there and through any distributors for sure and see if there’s any more like this out there.  Last year the NHS talked about using the Boots chain to deliver chemotherapy to patients…hmmm..something else to keep close track on and I’m sure all will be looking at Boots all the way around and their distributors. 

NHS-Health Secretary Submits Plan for Patients to Receive Chemotherapy at Local Retail Boots Store as Part of Reorganization

Perhaps this is a new way of smuggling drugs? The white powder tested positive for cocaine.  The box showed no signs of tampering either so again this one of those to be tracked and solved.  The store is probably clue less of course as they buy products to liquidate and hopefully we have no “blind shipping” documents here, which is where a point of origin is not shown, but the common carriers, if this is the case can track it through and find all that information out.  BD 

Cindy Davidson is good at sniffing out bargains, so when the Salt Lake City mom saw tampons on sale last Saturday, she didn't exactly turn up her nose at a good deal.

However, inside the box, along with the tampons and the applicator was something extra: Cocaine.

"I didn't look like it was tampered at all," she told KTVX-TV. "There was cellophane filled with white powder."

The box of Boots tampons -- a British brand -- was supposed to contain 16 tampon. She noticed, however, some inconsistencies in they way they were packed. When she found the suspicious little package inside, her heart began to race -- and it certainly wasn't the euphoria coke users experience.


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