This is pretty good and I remember back when I wrote animage interface to work with Quest Labs that I about fell off my chair when it worked.  That was back when HL7 was still in it’s infancy and creating the crosswalk at the time was a lot of work, for me anyway as I never done one before.  Things are long past those days for sure with the sophistication that we have today by comparison.  Back in 2009 the company was also one of the first medical records systems to embrace cloud technology. 

Practice Fusion EMR to Sit on’s Cloud

If you want to find out more about Practice Fusion, follow the link on the Medical Quack for more information on the left hand side of the page.  BD 

SAN FRANCISCO, May 2, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Practice Fusion, the free Electronic Medical Record (EMR) company, today announced the launch of its new lab API, which allows any laboratory in the country to connect directly to the EMR. The lab API - first of its kind in the health sector - enables rapid deployment of new laboratory connections that would ordinarily take weeks or months to establish, giving over 150,000 medical professionals easy access to their local commercial, hospital and private laboratories. Practice Fusion already has 70 labs signed up for connectivity with the help of the new API

Practice Fusion's Lab API allows laboratories to connect to the EMR platform instantly with almost no turnaround time

Labs can use the API connection to instantly send lab results to Practice Fusion users with standard HL7 data files

Labs interested in connecting to Practice Fusion's EMR should contact Erica Martinez at or request more information online. Physicians interested in signing up for the free EMR should visit


  1. Nice, informative post... Practice Fusion has been doing some great work in the direction of converting US healthcare industry into digital form.


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