Over a year ago the bills started and today drug shortagesimage are still looming.  The bill is stuck in the Senate, why does it take 14 months before anything begins to happen.  The FDA commissioner, Dr. Margaret Hamburg  has called for the law to put through so they can be notified when there are drug shortages looming.  Watch the video and see what Boehner has to say, he respect the system..boy are in bad shape if that’s the case.  Many of the drugs in short supply are generic as some companies are no longer making them due to not enough profit. 

The bill needs a full vote of the Senate to become law and that’s where it has been stuck so one more tarnish on the GOP lawmakers for sure.  Harry Reid said they should have it on the floor shortly and his response was “it’s always been that way here, slow”.   We all know different and have seen things hit the floor and get passed, it just seems to depend on who has a sense or urgency and concern for their fellow man and children. There’s all this talk about saving money with cancer care, well not too long ago I had this story about UCLA spending two hours out of every day, calling around to borrow or work with suppliers to ensure their cancer patients when they come in for treatment, that the drugs will be there.    As long as this goes on who can even think about cost savings it goes right out the door and patients may or may not get their cancer drugs.  What is also ironic is that the Cancer facility at UCLA is making some breakthroughs with cancer research and targets.  BD 

Drug Shortages Continue–UCLA Spends 2 Hours A Day Checking on Cancer Drug Availability–ASHP Website Lists All Current Shortages

Fifteen months ago today, Republicans and Democrats introduced bills to solve to problem. The Preserving Access to Life-saving Medications Act would require drug companies to notify the FDA if a shortage is coming. Both parties and the President support the bills, yet they haven't passed.

CBS News medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook found out more about the shortage and then traveled to a place he'd never worked before -- the U.S. capitol.

"I've been in Congress for 16 years," Degette said to CBS News. "I have never seen a Congress more difficult to pass legislation. I think you should call the leadership and ask them why they haven't brought this bill up for vote!"



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