This is one of those software companies that is mining and tracking you on the website, which I don’t mind but when they turn around andimage sell my data other than in house use for better intelligence I get concerned with a lot of this software.  I was on a site a few months ago and they had some issues and what was funny is there was a rogue algorithm and on the screen I got to see someone else’s data being captured, it was funny and again a fluke in the software but while I was there I watched.  Now I have used software as such that allows you to watch a user’s activity but for me, does it matter, no.

Analytics do matter though as far as seeing what interests visitors and where to better target information and who’s not doing that today.  If you have been on some of the big company websites, Wells Fargo as named here for one as a client, you have been captured. 

“Tealeaf has over 450 customers worldwide including 30 of the Fortune 100 companies, including Dell, Wells Fargo, Air Canada, GEICO, Orbitz, Crate & Barrel, Neiman Marcus, Expedia, Zappos, ING Direct, Best Buy, DirecTV, McKesson and StubHub. The company has raised $12 million from Bay Partners, Matrix Partners and Foundation Capital.”

ClickTale is another company that does the same thing as far as collecting data and again for smarter marketing not a bad idea but the selling of the data is the part that bothers me the most. 

We Pay Gasoline Tax to Keep Up the US Highway Infrastructure–Why Not Tax the Data Selling Companies and Banks to Keep Up the US Government IT Infrastructure? A “Buffett Tax” Alternative

I looked for a privacy policy on the page and didn’t see one, so in addition to being analyzed, you are more than likely being sold here too.  Wonder if IBM and these folks would be adverse to paying some tax money on what they harvests as banks and companies are making billions mining and selling data and today it is so engrained that some businesses could not stay in business if they took it away, so tax them instead and let’s work on bridging the inequality in the country as soon the mining folks are going to run short on users to mine if we don’t add more jobs, besides those working with algorithms as the economy as it is now is so dependent on formulas that we cant’ get more manufacturing back to the US because of this as it makes billions with very little over head.  BD 

Another week, another IBM acquisition. Big Blue has announced the purchase of Tealeaf Technology, which provides customer experience analytics software that helps organizations access information about consumer web experiences.

Financial details were not disclosed. 

Basically, Tealeaf’s software captures and records what each customer is doing and seeing in real-time on every page and across all site visits, down to the page-by-page, browser-level experience. By capturing every single customer’s visit, as well as the reaction of the site in response to the customer’s requests, Tealeaf captures both the quantitative and qualitative details of every single interaction. This data is then used towards optimizing the customer experience.


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