I thought this was pretty funny and who knows I could entertain this idea as well.  I might get more done.  We all know privacy is being lost by the day and the data sellers are taking it away for profit and don’t care who’s dignity they kill, just make that money sellingimage that data.  It’s the last little bit that we have and until someone experiences an experience of not being able to remove the flawed data that gets stuck to you like super glue, you can’t understand it.  With all the repackaging going on now, you don’t know where to go to get it fixed and when you do, someone else has the flawed data base and reuses it and repackages you and there it is again.

It’s so bad that there’s a game you can play now called Data Dealer.  Check out the video below.  If you read my blog often enough then you read about the Nurse Mildred characters that are selling medical records all the time, one hospital in Florida 3 times in 2 years, all inside jobs.

For this reason I started a campaign to get a law passed to index and license all data sellers, so we know who they are and what kind of data they sell.  Visit the site and read and watch the videos and you’ll be astounded on what’s going on and this is a big part of the reason that companies cut back on tangibles in the US, too easy to do this and they don’t care who they destroy. 

Index and License all data sellers – need this law so we know who they are

Even John McAfee said get rid of your cell phone a short while back.  BD 

Want Privacy? Dump Your Smart Phone Says John McAfee And Stop Being So Lazy And Giving Out All Your Data


Some boldface names from Hollywood and high fashion are using clunky old flip phones instead of smartphones, Michael Musto notes in The New York Times. Stars like Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna, and Kate Beckinsale are walking around with LG clamshells and other vintage 2000s cellphones, as are Anna Wintour, Iggy Pop, Musto himself, and politicians like New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and Sen. Chuck Schumer.

Privacy. Flip phones don't store photos in iCloud, and it's hard to hack grainy low-res photos from a clamshell handset. Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson, at least, have a good reason to use a phone that's a mostly just a phone.



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