It’s been 7 years and this blog is like attached to me for the most part and I have given this some real thought here with what I produce with my “views” like everyone else’s that’s on the web and again small independent bloggers can no longer compete.  I get asked all the time to do interviews and I like to do them but it’s mostly from folks that have bigger sponsors or those that are part of a company and I just don’t have the money to a lot of that anymore. 

Being a former developer my data mechanics logic has helped me understand a lot more than I ever thought it would years ago and it does make a difference but I’m finding the world has changed today and living too virtual with a lot of flawed data out there is not good either.

I have had my campaign going for privacy/transparency and I fully realize this is hard thing for consumers to really understand how the big profit epidemic works out there but it does with secretly scoring people right and left and denying access but I can say I tried.

Everything will still be here and nothing will go away and who knows maybe some day when there’s room for independent bloggers to once again participate, I could be back. 

If I were to generate enough in the privacy campaign, that could do it!   I’m finding too that virtual worlds and what is on the web is so far different than what goes on in the real world and I too have to watch that I don’t get skewed too far in one direction or the other.

So for now, the Medical Quack is broke and will be signing off for now.  It’s been a good 8 years and I learned a lot in blogging about healthcare as well.  Again it’s just like everything else out there the small person doesn’t stand much of a chance out there today, where as in the past, things used to be different. 

So long for now…and thank you for your readership!  It’s appreciated!

Barbara Duck

The Medical Quack


  1. Sad to see the end of your blog, but I'm sure it will be the start of something new and exciting.


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