This is a great video and if you read at the Medical Quack, news rigging has been a somewhat frequent content. image To a degree, everyone is really becoming more skeptical of what’s in the news.  Here’s a post from a couple of years ago, from Quant Cathy O’Neill, “On Being a Skeptic”.  Who knows better than those who model as once it’s designed you have to use the darn thing, right?  Of course you do.

“On Being a Data Skeptic- Modelers Have A Bigger Responsibility Now Than Ever Before”–A Must Read Essay, Start “Sniffing the Data”…

Who are these experts on the web?  Sharyl Attkisson does a good job on telling you how it all works and how little truth there can be out there.  She brings up all the pharma companies using Twitter and Facebook accounts set up to steer your interest.  These are “fake grass roots” movements. 

She further goes on to talk about how those selling astroturf don’t like it if you go against what they are saying and that’s the truth if I ever heard it.  God forbid you come out and say something against the fake astroturf on “wearables”…try it sometimes and see what happens as it’s almost comical in nature too.  Just put on your tough skin and watch the fire works and enjoy. 

Throwing experts into the mix really confuses a lot of issues and who are they anyway?  Here’s another TED video that addresses that topic as we find they may not really exist and might be astroturfing instead.  Thank goodness we do still have some quality journalists out there as well and if you read the news often enough, well you end up being able to pick them out amongst the astro turfers and the click baiters who only want ad revenue anyway. 

Relying on Experts When They May Not Exist–Many Intelligent and Smart People But Do We Have Misconceived Paradigms-TED

Listen to what’s going on with Wikipedia.  One man was not considered a reputable expert on himself.  The algos of the peer news would not let it happen.  I think like me you might be able to recognize the Twitter and Facebook paid professionals drug companies hire.  Also listen to how the drug companies manipulate study news and Google Search on top of that!  When you get done here, one more video and it’s #1 in the footer of this page “Context is Everything” from 3 years ago, Professor Siefe will explain how you are duped with math, which also enables further attacks of the Killer Algorithms.  BD 

So, how about when the astroturfers employ bots to react and play to the sounds of the bots on the SIP which sends news to the stock exchanges…oh becomes a bot to bot world as the journobots can read how the bots react to the news in the news feed and then quickly write up and public an article that can indeed sway stock investors in a very short time, like a few minutes or seconds.  Do you want to pay for this type of news too is the next question…20 cents to read an article written by a bot?  Read the link below for more on that topic as the big media papers have stated they are “in” with this new start up that plans to do exactly that.

Major US Newspapers Sign Up and Invest With New Start Up That Will Charge You To Read The News–20 Cents Per Article, Probably Written by a Bot and Goes On You Credit Card–And Bolsters the $180 Million Dollar Year Personal Data Selling Business

Here’s a video that shows how jounobots do their work and this is what you get today.  By the way, this video was done n 2007, so jounobots have been around for a while.  BD


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