This is exciting stuff as scientists have now been able to create DNA strands that can mimic diseases and the imageclinical trials involved injecting them into patients  and that process eliminates the disease threat.  A company by the name of Inovio has begun clinical trials with humans and the first disease on the attack list is cervical cancer.  So far they have been able to cure pre-cancerous lesions. 

Below is an introduction video that talks about what Inovio does and their methodologies to create vaccines that work by stimulating the body’s own immune system.  BD 

Pioneering new treatments for flu, ebola and cancer are being developed by scientists using man-made DNA.

Experts have worked out how to create strands of artificial DNA, each mimicking a different killer disease, and inject them into patients.

The idea is that the patients' immune systems will then be able to recognize the threats and eliminate them.

Inovio, one of the companies behind the technique, has begun trials in humans, after strong results in the lab.

The American company is using the method to attack flu, ebola and certain types of cancer – as well as HIV and hepatitis.

Experts have already started trials on female patients to see if they can stop them developing cervical cancer.

Dr Joseph Kim, Inovio's chief executive, said: 'We are able to clear pre-cancerous lesions which, left untreated, can turn into full-blown cervical cancer.',-ebola,-flu-and-hiv-with-scientists-saying-the-treatment-could-be-the-key-to-defeating-them.html


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