He calls it right again, Jon Stewart nails it and boy are we going to miss him.  Congress like he said is just dropping all over themselves imagewith congratulating each other for doing their job.  It just goes to show how far away from reality we really are today when we need a full on media showering on something that’s been an issue since 1997, Congress can’t model very well or do math as we know.

Don’t miss the Boehner/Pelosi kiss on the cheek, give me a break, this is not the soap opera “General Hospital” but it sure plays out that way in the news today.

As Stewart points out Congress fixes a law and a problem that they created for themselves (and us) and the President was go giddy he let a “child” film signing the bill, that’s is so funny.  We don’t give a crap about Boehner and Pelosi and what they did, there’s no trophy needed as Jon says.

We come back to perception here, as he says “are we supposed to throw Congress a party for that”.  Sure it’s a welcome change by all means but damn, what a frigging circus in the media.  There is a negative side here in the fact that it continues to engage those CMS models with HHS mentored by United Healthcare over the years to let the HHS Secretary determine the quality measure reporting with doctors in the US, so duped again and the Sebelius Syndrome of whacked out perceptions on what humans can actually produce and meet the numbers that Congress “thinks” can be done, justimage another day in algorithmic profit making.

Bill To Restore Office of Technology Assessment Was Defeated Again This Year As Congress Chooses to Remain In the Dark With Technology At A Time When Private Industry Is Doing Just the Opposite - “The Grays” Live On…

The reason they are really excited is that they were able to pass a bill which didn’t require much understanding of IT technology, and part two is where they really bungled things up.  Again the Sebelius Syndrome out there again with perceptions that are not realistic or attainable.  A famous Quant, Paul Wilmott said that 99.9 percent of financial models don’t involve the “real world” and that’s the problem, and we tend to be seeing the same thing in healthcare.  Healthcare models with numerical structures and formulas, not that much different from financial models except instead of algos ripping around through stock exchanges, it’s humans being pushed to rip around through jillions of algorithmic formulas to get care when we are sick.  It’s much harder than the markets, as we are humans and not just a “piece of code” to whip around as we have a physical existence and are not virtual. 

So how many bots covered this story?  Sure there were some as 60% of what you read today is written by bots…let’s add on that factor to the madness.  Read this as you might have to pay to read such soon.

Major US Newspapers Sign Up and Invest With New Start Up That Will Charge You To Read The News–20 Cents Per Article, Probably Written by a Bot and Goes On You Credit Card–And Bolsters the $180 Million Dollar Year Personal Data Selling Business

In the meantime, watch this documentary on Silicon Valley and see how far apart our Government flunkies and the code and technology in Silicon Valley really are. run for the hills as this is scary as these folks just manipulate the hell out of the Hill.  It’s so painless and over the heads of Washington, they don’t even feel it but we do as consumers.  So after you watched the SGR Media Circus, tune in here and see what’s really taking place.  “We’re from California, we’re the future”…watch it. 

We are as consumers under the Attack of the Killer Algorithms and if the news on the markets yesterday didn’t prove that, I don’t know how much more they need and the man arrested is not a lone wolf.  It’s hard to admit you’ve been code hosed and taken advantage of, but that’s what is going on.  Watch the videos at the Attack of the Killer Algorithms page and learn up, from folks smarter than me. 

Attack of the Killer Algorithms…

Again, after you watch this second video, you’ll see how far apart our world of government and technology really are and they are not getting any closer.  BD


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