This is some good soap opera material here.  When this all hit, I wrote that “they lied about their code” and that turned out to be the case, it was not done.  I have a couple analysts call me and they were confused and chatted with me.  “What do you mean the code was not done, they had a deadline to meet”…and to that I say “LOL”.  You can read my original blog post below.  This was about the same time that Intuit thought they could “shove developers into a room until they got their code right”.  As a former developer, when I hear stories as such my head just rolls with people not understanding that writing code does not work that way, you can’t push it.  I know, I’ve been there and done that and you can’t push any faster as it has to be done correctly. 

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Allscripts For Misleading Investors With Merging Data Systems–Too Much Code and Not Enough Time – Attack of the Killer Algorithms Chapter 30

You know that’s where the value comes with in with CEOs of companies that write or did write code, like Bill Gates, imageLarry Ellison and more.  They know and when they sound warnings, time to listen and ditch the idiotic perceptions painted by the media about coding being s simple task and how developers can meet deadlines set by CEOs and Sales People.  The problem was amplified as they sold systems based on systems that were not done.  You can listen to some of the early days of Oracle and Larry Ellison will tell you, they did that but that was back in the early days when things were not to the level of complexities we have today.  So Allcripts tried and it cost the CEO his job and now $10 million.  CEOs who don’t have actual on hands experience, even just a little make rotten CEOs at times as they don’t get it. 

Allscripts CFO Resigns Along With A Few Other Key Individuals, Board Fires Chairman–1st Quarter Had Lower Sales And Net Earnings Down–Long Haul to Get Software Technologies Merged So They Work

So in a short amount of time, Allscripts had to ask Microsoft for help since Eclipsys was written with their technologies. 

Allscripts Turns to Microsoft To Expand Their Application Development

Thins for a while were pretty grim to even where they were considering a sale.  In due time when folks finally decided to look at the real world, it was pretty apparent “they lied” about their code being done.  Now if this does not turn you into a skeptic on some of what you read today about software, I don’t know what would. 

Allscripts States They Are Considering Sale to Third Party–Follow the Code Technologies To Think About Caradigm As An Educated Speculation Being A Potential Match
Allscripts Ousts CEO Glen Tullman and Lee Shapiro, President, Appoints Board Member To Take Over

Then to distract and draw attention away from their lies about the integration of both software platforms, they turn around and sue NYC health, plus at the time I’m sure money was in the forefront as well. 

Allscripts Sues NYC Health and Hospital System Over Contract Award to Epic - EHR Vendor Playing the Same Game as Health Insurance Companies With Lawsuits

Here’s one more with another “old” class action lawsuit with their original software which they bought from Mysis, who’s now no longer in the medical record business and went into producing banking software.  Don’t you just love it:)

Allscripts Has More Issues With a Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Florida Claiming MyWay EMR Product Non Performance and Large Expenditures Expenditures

Last but not least, speaking of code, let’s just jab a little Healthcare. Gov in here and guess what they did?  We all remember it very well but in short, Sebelius and company pulled an Allscripts wouldn’t you say?  See this all comes back to consumers not understanding and journalists not reporting correctly as to what’s really happening out there.  In the case of Allscripts I think I was the lone soul that jumped out there and said they lied and “code’s not done”.  Again, this whacked out perceptions on how computer coding and programming was topped by HHS as we all watched.  I call these public appearances and awful and silly public exposures as “The Sebelius Syndrome” as she was so visible and techs all across the US would just about roll all over themselves when she spoke with her whacked out perceptions that were not true.  Sure she could try to fool the public but you can’t fool the people in the business. 

So there was the sequel to the Allscripts lie…we had the even bigger lie and whacked out perceptions and stories from HHS:) 

HHS/CMS Pulls An “Allscripts” Mistake–”Code’s Not Done With Healthcare.Gov”…And Did Anyone Look at the Oracle and Microsoft “Turnkey” State Health Insurance Platforms…There’s a Time and Place for Open Source And The Insurance Exchanges Are Not It Right Now..

Here’s one of my back articles on the “Sebelius Syndrome” if you want to check it out below.  There’s more than just her afflicted with this which would probably be about 95% of Congress and a good chunk of the White House too.  I caught the White House using “junk science” numbers nobody could predict on one of their emails and sad but when the whacked out folks try to dazzle people with numbers that are not even feasible, it comes back to haunt them and in the long run it’s even worse.  So let’s see, you think some high frequency coders, banks and software developers might be doing some lying out there?  Of course not all are not this ruthless or in the case of HHS, that dumb, but it is out there amongst those who lean towards being a lot more honest and not fiddling with risk. 

“Markets Are Not Rigged” Spoken Like A True Data Mechanics Novice, It’s Like Sebelius at HHS All Over Again, Looking For Algo Fairies at The SEC, One More Government Agency Wrapped Up in “The Grays”…

By the way, read the two paragraphs below…  who did Allscripts lie to for a big part of this?  Pension Funds…be a skeptic when you need to be one.  BD

Law360, New York (April 03, 2015, 2:33 PM ET) -- Allscripts Healthcare Solutions Inc. has agreed to pay nearly $10 million to end a proposed shareholder class action that alleges the health care information technology company hid problems sparked by a 2010 merger with Eclipsys Corp., according to documents filed Thursday.
Lead plaintiffs the Government of Bermuda Contributory and Public Service Superannuation Pension Plans and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union 38 Pension Fund asked an Illinois federal judge for preliminary approval of the deal.


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