Ok, so now if you wait 2 days to pick up your prescription, your doctor is going to know.  If you don’t pick it up at all, your doctor will know.  With linking other information to paying for your prescription at CVS, you doctor may now know. 

Here we go again with “over rated” medication adherence.  Certainly a simple intervention as to ask why a patient doesn’t fill a prescription is not the issue here and we are seeing such actions all over the place and that’s not the problem here.  We see pharmacists inquiring more frequently now everywhere. 

All those pharmacy benefit managers have to have more information to sell to companies like imageIMS who has about 85% of the world’s prescriptions on file and when they can add more “scoring” and I mean scoring you on medication adherence, the money they get for selling it, goes up.  For years we have had Milleman and Optum RX selling your prescription data and it’s hooked right into the PBM centers release and sell the data immediately.  Optum aka United is one of the biggest healthcare data sellers out there, along of course with IMS.

CVS to Open New E-Commerce Technology Centers in Boston, New York and Palo Alto– Need “New Code” to Make Bigger Profits While They And Others Continue to Destroy “US Consumer Dignity” With the Exploitations…

Remember CVS has other marketing agendas out there to be aware of as well. 

CVS To Charge Consumers Higher Co-Pays With Prescriptions Filled at Drug Stores That Still Sell Tobacco Products–Killer Algorithms Attacking Once Again To Make Sure CVS Gets the Prescription Revenue And Your Data To Score And Sell

It’s just something to think about with current breaches out there with all the data selling algorithms and systems CVS has as to how this interacts with the medical records they also have there.  They are two separate systems but information flows on prescriptions.  I see nothing wrong at all with using a CVS retail clinic as price and availability rules today.  Also the sharing with physicians of a visit is helpful too, but can we cut out some of the ridiculous data selling here and keep prescriptions affordable?  I’m sure all the retail clinics are sharing consult information as that’s a good thing to do with care, so again how they do it and this “digital” addition is not really such a big deal and you can get your own copy and share it with your doctor as well with a PHR. 

There’s money made in selling wellness programs as well with both CVS and Walgreens.  As the article states CVS clinic visits are shared via fax with other non participating MDs anyway, so we have a cash cow here for some more data to sell.  If you don’t know what medication adherence is and the money made, read about the FICO medication scoring, you socks will fall off when you see all that is generated when you fill a prescription.  BD   

FICO Medication Adherence Scoring Should Be Banned As It’s Quantitated Justifications for Profit That Hurts US Consumers Using Proprietary Algorithms That Cannot Be Replicated For Accuracy or Audited

“The fundamental challenge of managing chronic conditions is coordinating and monitoring care when patients are not here in the Rush physician’s office” said Anthony Perry, MD, vice president for ambulatory care and population health at Rush University Medical Center. “Oftentimes having patients schedule more frequent visits at Rush is not feasible, but this agreement extends our physicians’ reach through the hundreds of CVS pharmacies and retail clinics in the area.”

In the CVS affiliations, providers at the health systems receive data on interventions conducted by CVS pharmacists to try to improve medication adherence, and alerts about non-adherence, such as failure to pick up a prescription. Clinicians at the affiliate health system are also able to work with nurse practitioners and physicians assistants at the Minute Clinics.



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