I have ran across several physicians who use one of the "Internet Anywhere" services available from the wireless cell phone carriers. This is something well worth looking in to, especially if you are mobile and let's say traveling between many hospitals, visiting nursing homes where an internet connection may not be available. When deal with patient information, having everything you need relative to a patient file can even add to the possibility of being a lifesaving benefit!
In addition, with the use of a EDVO mobile router, this experience can also be multiplied and you can use your imagination from here. If you were attending a meeting where you needed to collaborate or even allow a couple of your peers to access information relative to items being discussed, this device would enable you to immediately set up a temporary wireless network so all involved would have an internet connection. Having internet anywhere access can be a true friend to the mobile physician today and having this added capability to share and collaborate is phenomenal.
If one were residing in an area where dsl or cable connectivity is not available, perhaps in a rural area, but cell phone coverage is available, the barrier has now been broken as a wireless network when used with a pcmcia card or usb wireless device from a mobile carrier can now be the answer, and when mobile, you can take it with you.
This is a unit from D-Link, and there are several available from other manufacturers. What a great feature to be able to give a presentation and have the ability to enable a wireless network to let all attendees connect to added resources and information available via the web and really get your message across.
D-Link DIR-450 3G Mobile Router for EV-DO Networks


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