More Than 20,00 People Worldwide Now Use SLEEPTRACKER® For a Better Start to the Day
Interesting new item designed by a sleep physician...BD
Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) February 28, 2007 -- Innovative Sleep Solutions' unique sleep-monitoring and wake-up device, SLEEPTRACKER®, is now helping more than 20,000 people worldwide wake up feeling refreshed. With the appearance of a standard wristwatch, SLEEPTRACKER monitors the wearer's sleep patterns to detect the best possible waking time - allowing the wearer to wake up more refreshed and alert from a light sleep stage.

SLEEPTRACKER has normal watch features including time, day, date and standard alarm settings, as well as a snooze function. It is water-resistant, has a night-glow feature and carries a one-year warranty. SLEEPTRACKER is available for $149.00 at and has a 30-day money back guarantee.


  1. Dr. Robert Nash of Virginia Beach is a quack!! To him, every patient is sufferring from sleep disturbance which he gleans from his Edward Cayce skills or seems to pull out of the air. He supports this by saying he has been published. "It is because America is full of European and world rejects who gentically have lower levels of Serontonin." It's a funny coincidence that he sells herbal products that aid sleep as well as other things. The initial patient information form has a disclaimer that "you don't have to purchase products from Dr. Nash" Why would you need a disclaimer unless you have been accused of pushing the product. Sounds a lot like the discaimer about books and CDs in AMWAY?! Again, he will waste your time.


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