If you have missed any of the recent press releases on the new Sahara Tablet from Tablet Kiosk, here is a link to the page from the website. I have seen and held the unit and it is something to marvel at. Of course, those that know me already know I like those tablets. In the past I have demonstrated various models of tablets and the products from Tablet Kiosk are my top choice. The new Sahara now offers the ability to change from digitizer to touch screen, and it works with one touch from a hardware button! If you haven't seen the press releases and would like more additional information, follow the link below. By the way, I also use an EO UMPC from Tablet Kiosk and hope to be sharing some real success stories soon with some of my clients who are using the unit for their electronic medical records and are finding the unit not only convenient and portable, but a real asset to enable them to have all their patients notes with at all times.


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