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I really happen to like this story as it shows even a novice, a patient who has never used a tablet before, had no issues with adding his patient information. The physician is really seeing his return on investment here as this is also saving him or a member of his staff all the duplicate entry efforts if this had been done on paper. This physician and the patient are both enjoying the tablet and working towards better health care. Software can be created to make this work with an EMR. The patient was also relieved in not having to fill out a large chunk of paperwork as well! BD

So, when he walked into Dr. Mukaram Gazi's office in Lakewood, he expected to be asked to fill out extensive paperwork with a pen.

Instead, he was handed a tablet PC and a stylus — initiating an administrative technology that allows electronic prescribing of medications and makes for a near-paperless world for physician.

"It is really very easy to do," said Rotondo, tapping away on the small computer screen. "You just follow the directions and answer the questions. If a new system like this gets medications to you quickly and helps save lives, I am all for it."


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