If you are keeping up on the Anna Nicole Smith story, this is an interesting web page complete with copies of the hand written prescription for the methadone. Even celebrities work several physicians to get their desired drugs. She was using an alias of Michelle Chase and this was prescribed from a physician in California. I don't think we have heard the last of this one. The prescription was filled in the San Fernando Valley and shipped to the Bahamas and the page even has an imaged copy of the airbill. Dr. Kapoor refused comment on the issue.
At any rate, it makes a good case for the new and free e-prescribing service available to all physicians as this will help put a limit to some of this type of activity. I now have the link posted on my blog as another way to make it easier for physicians to locate the web site and sign up. BD
www.nationaleRx.com This is the link to the site where physicians can enroll.

Full story at the link below:

The Doctor Who Scored Methadone for Anna Nicole


Barbara Duck


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