Did you you can use your UMPC as a desktop replacement? Hugo Ortega, a Microsoft MVP does an excellent job on showing how the UMPC can be both your desktop and and then be available to be mobile. He is demonstrating the EO from Tablet Kiosk in part 2 and does a very good job with a visual "how to", which is pretty much not more than connecting cables and setting up Windows display properties.

Part Two of the video focuses on something I like to term as the “Mobile Permanent Office.” Because the i7210 is the first UMPC (Microsoft Origami Project derivative) to run an Intel Processor with 2MB of L2 Cache [providing multitasking abilities] the possibilities of replacing a notebook or desktop are “somewhat” closer. Using i7210’s capacity to “Extend its Desktop” I demonstrate just how one might increase their own productivity in the office, or home.



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