This is slated to be the largest telehealth network in the world and Ideal Life is working with a major Chinese drug company to set up the program.

The company also has contracts here n the US such as the one below with blue tooth and wireless devices that collect and report data. The Blue Cross program mentioned below is set up to work with independent physician associations, IPAs to collect wireless weight information from patients. 

Anthem Blue Cross Contracts with IDEAL LIFE Biometrics – Blue Tooth Wireless Body Weight Scales for Home Monitoring With Algorithms of Care Relating to Early Detection of Congestive Heart Failure (C.A.R.E.)

Clinical algorithms of care can be tailored to an individual member’s specific needs.Initially they plan to use the kiosks to allow patient to connect before expanding with individual devices.  BD

Ideal Life

Ideal Life Inc. inks agreement with Shandong NovaTech Biological Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. to launch a network of kiosks and remote health monitoring devices in China.

Toronto-based Ideal Life Inc. launched a telehealth network in China with the Chinese drug manufacturer NovaTech Biological Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

More than 100,000 patients are slated to participate in the program that will employ Ideal Life's interactive kiosks and remote health monitoring devices, according to the company.

The companies plan to install the first kiosks, which "allow unlimited users to connect with providers at reduced connectivity charges," in community hospitals in the Shandong province, where NovaTech Biological Pharmaceutical is based, according to Ideal Life. The companies said that the network will be the world's largest telehealth program.

Ideal Life launches telehealth project in China | MassDevice - Medical Device Industry News


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