Good article about security...also this brings to mind Windows Server 2003 and Windows Mobile...many mobile devices can now be wiped remotely by the IT department...visit the Microsoft site to find out more...BD 

Expect to see the 2 billionth personal record compromised by year's end, according to recent research from the University of Washington. But don't blame it on rogue hackers; sorry to say, it's your own fault, Corporate America.

Researchers at the university in Seattle estimate that electronic records—those containing Social Security or credit card numbers, academic grades or medical history—are bleeding out of North American organizations at the rate of 6 million a month so far in 2007—up some 200,000 a month from last year.

Excluding the exceptional 2003 incident that involved 1.6 billion records stolen from information aggregator Acxiom, hackers have been responsible for only about 550—31 percent—of confirmed breaches between 1980 and 2006.

The majority, 60 percent, of incidents of compromised records were attributed to organizational mismanagement. That includes missing or stolen hardware, administrative errors, insider abuse or theft or accidental posting of sensitive information online.

Source: Corporate Sloppiness Is the Real Culprit for Data Loss, Not Vilified Hackers


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