Interesting move for the hospitals in Texas, might catch on in other areas as well...BD

Eight clinics, health systems and county agencies are teaming up to keep Wake County's uninsured patients out of emergency rooms and lighten the financial burden on the hospitals that are straining to care for them.

Through the CapitalCare Collaborative, they're working to connect patients with nonprofit and county organizations that can provide care more cost-effectively than emergency rooms can.

The program also will consolidate uninsured patients' financial -- and some medical -- data in one location online, which the groups expect will save time and money by helping them better coordinate care.

Hospitals, clinics, Wake to track uninsured patients
Another related story, website lets consumers shop hospitals as well. BD

A new Web site launched by the Texas Hospital Association in Austin will allow health care consumers to view and compare prices on inpatient hospital services at Texas hospitals.

The Web site, Texas PricePoint (, includes charge data on the most common inpatient services, links to data and general information on all Texas hospitals.

"The consumer's role in managing his or her own health care is changing," says THA President and CEO Dan Stultz. "People need reliable information so that they can make educated choices. For that reason, Texas hospitals are committed to making hospital charges and quality information more transparent and accessible."


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