I thought I was seeing things at first! No smoke, no nicotine, just break and inhale for those who can't seem to get enough from coffee.
You don't actually light SurgeStix, that's too 1990, instead you bend them (like a glow stick) until you hear a snap. This will send the caffeine solution flowing into the filter-looking end. Wait five seconds for the "filter" to absorb the solution. You will notice a slight temperature increase as the solution reacts with the harmless chemicals in the "filter" which causes the caffeine to vaporize. Then, take a drag. Each "puff" will suck roughly 18mg of caffeine into your lungs (and right into your bloodstream!) With about 10 "tokes" per SurgeStix, you'll get 180mg of caffeine in just a few breaths. That's more caffeine than a really strong cup of coffee just by breathing. Ouch.
SurgeStix are only slightly habit forming and do not contain Nicotine.

And if that isn't enough, you can try some caffeine soap, and no, you do not eat it or wash your mouth with soap, it is delivered through the skin.

Or there's some lip balm...the description from the page is very funny!
Developed by an Alaskan Police Officer, who needed both quality lip balm for the cold and the ability to stay awake during long shifts, Spazzstick is the world's only caffeinated lip balm. Spazzstick is made in a vast underground volcano lair by the busy hands of industrious worker trolls in a beautiful little Eskimo Village called Kaktovik, AK, by the inventor of Spazzstick and his hordes of worker trolls in a vast underground volcano lair.

Once I looked at the original page, Think Geek had even more caffeine products listed, for those who can't get enough caffeine with their morning coffee. For the prices here, coffee is a lot cheaper. BD



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